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Mountains and fondue: exploring Zermatt

Mountains and fondue: exploring Zermatt Global Grasshopper

Seclusion is something many people want from their holiday destination. Getting as far away from the constant noise and activity of a major city as possible sounds like many holidaymakers’ idea of heaven, but can a small but picturesque town high up in the Swiss Alps that doesn’t accommodate cars offer that much-prized isolation and peace?

Mountains and fondue: exploring Zermatt Global Grasshopper

Zermatt, a quaint town within a short cable-car ride of the imposing yet beautiful Matterhorn – one of the last alpine mountains to be conquered (in 1865). The town has plenty to offer tourists who want a little adventure to go with their peace and quiet. The Matterhorn itself represents a daunting challenge for even the most experienced skier, but at the same time, photographers would be foolish not to take a few snaps!

From Zermatt to the zenith

Mountains and fondue: exploring Zermatt Global Grasshopper

In and around Zermatt, there are quite a few things you could see and do during your stay. Liz and Mike, a pair of travel reps from Inghams who know a thing or two about alpine holidays, have made a few recommendations for possible sights and activities throughout the canton of Valais, as well as the town itself.

  • A trip on the cog railway from Zermatt to the summit of the Gornergrat Mountain. Once you reach the peak, you can see four different glaciers and see up to 29 different peaks reaching over 4,000 metres in height!
  • Taking a ride on the cable car right up to the zenith of Kleine Matterhorn, lying almost exactly on the border between southern Switzerland and northern Italy. From there, you can ski or go snowboarding almost all year round.
  • For those of you who might feel a little queasy at the prospect of being so close to the clouds, a journey on the underground funicular towards the relatively low-lying plateaus of Sunnegga and Rothorn are just the thing for you!

More to see

Mountains and fondue: exploring Zermatt Global Grasshopper

Aside from those three activities, there is plenty more to see – the Zermatt goat parade, though unusual, is charming and a lot of fun. There are also plenty of great places to rest your feet after walking around the town or Matterhorn too, where you can tuck in to that famous Alpine speciality – a luxurious cheese fondue.

Liz & Mike Cakebread – Zermatt & Interlaken

Liz & Mike are very knowledgeable Inghams resort reps, having travelled and worked in number of resorts around the world. Their favourite resorts include Zermatt & Interlaken where they have worked for 2 decades. In winter their favourite place to be is Whistler Canada, where they have enjoyed the ski lifestyle for the past 15 years.


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