10 of the most beautiful places to visit in Tanzania

From snow-capped peaks to ‘Big Five’s safaris and paradise-esque islands, the East African country is basking in its new-found status of being a hot travel destination for both luxurious and adventurous travellers.

It’s actually the oldest National Park in the country with a world heritage site and 7th worldwide wonder status. 

Serengeti National Park

It’s a beautiful place to visit with gorgeous white sandy beaches and a world heritage listed capital city. 


The Job


Arguably the most beautiful beach in Tanzania can be found in the little laid back village of Nungwi (at the northern tip of Zanzibar). 

The Job


Africa’s highest mountain should only be tackled by the seriously dedicated as it’s likely to turn into a week long expedition.

You couldn’t get any more beautiful and romantic than this tiny heart-shaped island. 

Mnemba Island

Expect vast wild landscapes filled with rocky escarpments and baobab studded hills and animals including lions, elephants, wild dogs, leopards, cheetah, giraffes, jackals, zebras and huge herds of buffalo. 

Ruaha National Park

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