Top 10 of the most beautiful sunsets in the world

The highlight of many a traveler’s trip is watching the sunset. Yes, it happens every day and yes it might be a cliche but most will agree that there are some truly special places to watch this natural event.

Puglia (or Apulia in Italian) is in the “heel” of the “boot” of Italy and is sometimes known as the new Tuscany. 

Puglia, Italy

Whether it’s in Havana along the Malecon seafront avenue; along the golden beaches or inland among the untouched countryside Cuba is a romantic place to watch the sunset. 

Cuba, Caribbean

The Job

Miyajima Japan

The Miyajima Shrine (or Itsukushima Shrine) is one of the world’s best and most beautiful places to watch the sunset. 

The Job

Istanbul Turkey

The Istanbul skyline lends itself to romantic sunsets, the city is known for its countless minarets and copper-domed buildings. 

This place is a very popular place to watch the sunset and definitely worth getting flights to Bali for!  

Tanah Lot Temple, Bali

The endless canals of Amsterdam are made more romantic by the 400 bridges which arch over them in romantic curves. 

Amsterdam Canal

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