Top 10 most beautiful places to surf in the world

Choosing the best surfing destination isn’t just about the waves (although they’re pretty important) to add to the experience you’re probably want to bag yourself some gorgeous surroundings too.

Rio de Janeiro is home to some of the best beaches in the world and up and down the coast Rio boasts 54 surfing spots – here there’s a wave to suit everyone. 

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Why surf in Maldives? For the translucent water, flat sandy beaches and 26 atolls spanning 1190 islands – most of which are uninhabited. 


The Job

California, USA 

With almost 500 surf spots to choose from along the Californian coast, surfers can take their pick. 

The Job

Perth, Western Australia

Australia’s famous surfing spot and the whole of Western Australia itself is a good place to escape the crowds. 

Cape town offers spectacular beach scenery with a backdrop of the majestic Table Mountain if you plan to surf here. 

Cape Town, South Africa

The iconic and beautiful surfing destination is famous for its huge waves, its beautiful surroundings and for its surfer camaraderie. 


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