10 Incredible Submerged Cities Around The World


Most of the village was covered by water; only the cathedral and the bell tower were left emerging from the river. The Soviets destroyed the church, but the bell tower remains.

Geamana, Romania

Some buildings of the former village sometimes emerge from the colorful water, creating a surrealistic landscape. Moreover, about 20 people who didn’t decide to move out still live around the lake.

Muang Badan is a place where a religious center was built in 1953. Unfortunately, it was located in proximity to three rivers: Songkalia, Beak, and Rantee. 

Muang Badan Temple, Thailand

Kekovam Turkey

The ruins are partially covered with water and are remains of an ancient settlement that was destroyed in the 2nd century by an earthquake. 

Mediano, Spain

While the water-sunk church might be an interesting curiosity, the place is worth seeing even for the stunning view of the lake surrounded by mountains.

Golubac, Serbia

For centuries, this place survived all types of attacks and battles. It passed from one hand to another, but it was always a stable shelter for anyone who stayed there. 

Villa Epecuen, Argentina

Villa Epecuen is a unique tourist resort that was created in the 1920s. For long years, it was very popular. In the 1970s, the population of the place surpassed 5000. It seemed like Villa Epecuen had a great future in front of itself.

Sant Romà de Sau, Spain

This ghost village can be seen from time to time. When the water level drops, the three-story church tower appears above the water. Sometimes, when the weather is extremely hot and causes a draught, almost the whole ghost village can be seen.