Top 10 of the most beautiful places to visit in Morocco

There are countless reasons to visit Morocco, but published travel author Thomas Hollowell, who works for Journey Beyond Travel, gives us his favourite best and most beautiful places to visit in Morocco…

Long a haven for Western intellectuals and artists, Tangier has a bohemian cache and the pandemonium expected of a port city.  


In some ways, Marrakesh is the quintessential Moroccan city. It fulfills most visitors’ visions of what they expect to see in the country. 


The Job

Mosques and Monument

The city serves as a good base for exploring various monuments along the coast, especially in Rabat with the Oudayas Kasbah and Chellah Gardens. 

The Job

Fez and Mekne

Smaller than Marrakesh, Fez and Meknes are two imperial cities that have preserved their historic hearts remarkably well. 

Follow the trail of ancient caravans through Morocco’s valleys and gorges.

Oasis Valley

Romantic Lawrence of Arabia vistas do exist, and trips to Morocco wouldn’t be complete without a glimpse of (or even an overnight in) the Sahara Desert. 

The Sahara Desert

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