Top 10 of the UK’s most beautiful view

The UK’s diverse and beautiful landscapes provide some truly stunning views that will stay with you far longer than the memory of a fish supper (as tasty as they might be).

It might be more of a city view than some of the others on this list, but when the view is of a city as beautiful as York you’ll be forgiven for not missing the rolling fields that England is more famous for. 

Clifford’s Tower, Yorkshire

A view half a million years in the making, Oxfordshire’s Goring Gap was carved through the chalk ground by the river Thames at the end of the last ice age. 

The Goring Gap, Oxfordshire

The Job

Penrith Beacon, The Lake District

Make famous by the classic British film Withnail & I, Penrith is a classic English market town. 

The Job

Seven Sisters, Sussex

Whether looking out to sea from the top of one of the Sisters or back across the pristine white cliff faces from the seashore, you’re bound to feel humbled by the scale and energy of the place. 

As the highest mountain south of Snowdonia, you’d naturally expect there to be some fine views from the top of Pen y Fan. 

Pen y Fan, Brecon Beacon

Don’t get too distracted though – the green headlands of the Causeway Coast that stretch to either side are well worth sitting down and admiring too. 

The Giant’s Causeway, County Antrim

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