10 under-the-radar beauty spots in Europe

While the tourist masses flock to cities like Paris, Rome and London, there are many beautiful places in Europe that get overlooked. Here are 10 of my favourite beauty spots in Europe that don’t get to bask in the spotlight (but are still definitely worth a visit)… 

Ghent, Belgium

Ghent is a truly beautiful city – especially at night – but yet it often gets overlooked in favour of Bruges. 

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

The city has lots of ancient monuments, such as the historical castle, the Cathedral of Notre-Dame – which is decorated with numerous sculptures of the Renaissance.  

The Job

Sciacca,  Sicily, Italy

This beauty spot has a double battle, not only do people tend to choose Sardinia over Sicily but then if they do get to the island they opt for Taormina on the eastern side.

The Job

Galway, Ireland

In July it hosts the Galway Arts Festival, the Macnas’ spectacular annual show takes place at the festival – If you get to see them it will makes the trip alone worthwhile.

Bilbao, Basque Country/Spain

Yes, it is officially in Spain, but you are unlikely to find any locals who acknowledge that they are Spanish – they are desperate to be their own nation. 

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