11 Reasons to add Belize to your travel list

Belize is a travel destination has much to show and to give, hence why it is sometimes known as the Jewel of Central America. 

It’s a great introduction to Central America

Belize is the smallest and least populated country in Central America but it wows its guests with a unique culture and traditions 

The Great Blue Hole

The second largest barrier reef is located in Belize, and its focal point is the world famous Great Blue Hole.  

The Job

The friendly  local people

Belizeans love tourists and they will go the extra mile to turn your holiday into a never-ceasing fiesta.

The Job

The sunset

If you are looking for the most spectacular sunsets, come to Belize in October. The skies kissed by the incandescent sun rivet all eyes during the golden hour.

The beautiful beaches

Many tourists visit this remote country to bask on the white sand, swim in the crystal clear water, and enjoy snorkelling 

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