12 reasons why you should visit Chile

One of the world’s most beautiful countries, located in South America often falls under the radar but it’s a land steeped in intriguing history and culture, sprawling enigmatic landscapes and vibrant cities. Here are 12 reasons why we think you should add Chile to your travel bucket list… 

The Torres del Paine National Park

This beautiful national park stretches for over 180,000 hectares and there are designated paths for visitors and also comfortable hotels which offer unforgettable overnight opportunities.  

It’s still an under the radar travel destination

Chile seems to encapsulate so many needs and wants of travellers; good food and nightlife, beaches, natural wonders, extensive culture and a captivating history.  

The Job

The wine

There is nothing like sipping a drink in the land of its origin and the Chileans take their wine very seriously and much effort is put in to perfecting the process.

The Job

You can follow in Che Guevara’s footsteps

The “Che Route” incorporates the other surrounding nations that were impacted by Che Guevara but the part that focusses on Chile, begins in the bustling capital of Santiago de Chile.

You can go sand or (volcano) boarding!

The protective clothing element of this activity is not sexy- the plastic glasses, workman gloves, overalls and all this in the baking heat!  

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