15 awesome things to do in Mendocino

I was lucky enough to pass through Mendocino, California on a West Coast road trip and I was immediately drawn in by the charm of the historic town surrounded by beautiful natural scenery.  

Mendocino Headlands Historic District

A must see place in Mendocino

Jughandle State Reserve

a beautiful place to visit in Mendocino

The Job

Boutique Shopping

For a small place, the shopping in Mendocino is amazing! From organic food to artisan clothes and gifts, you’ll find it all in the wonderful array of independent businesses.

The Job

Gallery Bookshop & Bookwinkle’s Children’s Book

It’s the old-fashioned kind of independent bookshop that you can literally spend hours in.

Try out the Mendocino eaterie

Like its shops, Mendocino’s food scene reflects its eclectic and artistic residents and also utilizes the quaint historic vibe the town exudes.  

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