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Virgin Islands

A cluster of gorgeous islands which is officially classed as a British overseas territory, the Caribbean paradise is made up of four main islands and a cluster of smaller ones and all have a little quirky edge mixed in with plenty of luxury.

White Bay

One of the most beautiful beaches in the British Virgin Island

It’s ideal for relaxing and kicking back with a chilled drink while you take in the breathtaking view.


– a beautiful national park known for its huge granite formation

Tortola is a beautiful island to visit for the fantastic photo opportunities of the surrounding islands you get from traveling along Ridge Road, such as Guana Island, Virgin Gorda, and beyond, and its spectacular island scenery.


Often regarded as one of the world’s most romantic beaches

Deadman’s Bay

Gorda Peak

While the Virgin Islands are well known for their beautiful beaches, exploring Gorda Peak National Park is a must if you are looking for a way to connect with nature away from the shore.

Peter Island is the go-to Caribbean holiday resort island, and the main draw to the island is the mile-long spectacular coastline of soft white sandy beaches lined with tropical palm trees. 

Peter Island Beach

Cane Garden Bay is a popular spot for visitors because of its long, sandy curved beach sheltered from the wind. Situated on the north shore of Tortola, this is a favorite spot to anchor boats and easily explore the island.

Cane Garden Bay

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