15 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Aruba

This beautiful island – which is sometimes called The Happy Island – belongs to the Netherlands,  is located near Venezuela, and is one of the most popular islands to visit in the Southern Caribbean.

The paradise-like winter escape and is home to unspoiled and quiet white sandy beaches, excellent snorkeling, hiking, and diving opportunities.

Here are the best and most beautiful places to visit...

Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach is best known for its pristine and soft white sands, ocean views, and the most expansive beach on the island.


Renaissance Island

You can spend time simply sun-basking or playing beach games or can even book your exclusive spa appointments. It provides a captivating view to its visitors and pink flamingos around complimenting the turquoise waters of the sea.

Natural Pool

What better than a natural pool amidst the picturesque surroundings? This natural beauty is a unique rock formation creating a calm and clean pool for its visitors. 

Druif Beach

Aruba is famous for its captivating beaches, and Druif Beach is one of the most lovely beaches on the list. It has a tranquil ambiance, and its crystal clear water makes it perfect for swimming and other water sports activities.

Arikok National Park

It is spread across, making it perfect for exploring the flora and fauna it offers. The park has many unique geological, cultural, and historical sites for its visitors.

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