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Often overlooked in favor of its more sedate neighbors, Haiti still draws in curious visitors from all around the world. It’s home to extraordinary and interesting sights as well as vibrant and lively culture


one of the most attractive beaches to explore in Haiti

In this private paradise, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery on secluded, pristine beaches.

Amiga Island

home one of the finest beaches in the region

Although not as famous as the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption in Port-au-Prince (a site that is now in ruins and impossible to visit), the Cathedral Notre-Dame in Cap-Haitien is an underrated jewel in Haiti’s crown.

Cathedral Notre-Dame

Expect beautiful clear water and white sand

Kokoye Beach

Bassin Bleu

This natural getaway consists of several waterfalls pouring over Haiti’s rocky terrain that forms three pools with stunning, mineral-rich turquoise waters. Visitors can swim right up to the waterfall for an unforgettable experience.

Wander the perfectly sculpted hedgerows with a certified tour guide, who offers a tourist or scientific tour.

Jardin Botaniqe des Caye

The fortress, located on top of the Bonnet a l’Eveque mountain offers stunning views of Cap-Haitien and the northern coast. Visitors often combine a visit to the Citadelle with an excursion to nearby Sans-Souci Palace.


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