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15 most beautiful places to visit in

Gorgeous St Barts is known for its uber-luxurious resorts, yacht-dotted turquoise bays, fine white sands, designer shops and its heady mix of French sophistication combined with a laid-back Caribbean ambiance. 


One of the most beautiful places to visit in St Barts, the small port town is known for its chic boutiques, duty-free shops, and fine island cuisine restaurants.

Colombier Beach

You’ll need to rent a yacht or a boat to get to Colombier Beach with utmost comfort. But if you’re looking for ultimate impressions, choose a narrow path across rocks. It lies through the highest hill of the island offering breathtaking views of Petite Anse.

Thanks to the reef that separates the beach from the open sea and protects it from strong currents, Lorient is perfect for swimming. 


Anse de Grande Saline

Sandwiched between two other beaches, Anse de Grande Saline, or shortly Saline Beach, lies at the southern coast of St. Barts.

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