15 of the most beautiful islands in the UK

From isolated islands with wild, dramatic landscapes to holiday favourites with spectacular sandy beaches, here is our choice for the UK’s most beautiful islands…

This collection of islands have a unique feel – they belong to Scotland but in many ways they are closer in culture to the Scandinavia. 

Orkney Islands

It’s blessed with incredible landscapes, wild pristine vistas and a tranquil atmosphere. 

Isle of Skye

The Job


This island (located off the north-west coast of Wales) is a place to relax, enjoy the friendly local hospitality or lose yourself in the island’s winding lanes or on its spectacular coastline. 

The Job

Holy Island 

A tidal island which holds an important place in religious history – it was where the Christian message was first honed and spread amongst a mostly pagan area.  

Famous for its annual Tourist Trophy (TT) Motorcycle race, with rugged unspoilt landscapes and sometimes unforgiving weather, this self-governing island can be found nestling between Ireland and England. 

Isle of Man

This a small tidal island located 366 metres off the Mount’s Bay coast of Cornwall. It’s a rocky island crowned by a medieval church and castle and is also home to a small community. 

St. Michael’s Mount

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