16 Of The Most Beautiful Places To Visit In 


From my time spent living in this wonderful and very underrated country, here the best and most beautiful places to visit in Pakistan…

Lahore Fort, Lahore

Lahore is not only the second-largest city in Pakistan but also one of the wealthiest and most significant cities in the country. Here you can find a unique balance between modern city life and historical remnants.

Co-built by Chinese and Pakistani governments, this highway showcases a symbol of the friendship between the two countries and is popularly known as the Friendship Highway. 

Karokoram Highway

Attabad Lake

The crystal-clear azure waters of Attabad Lake offer a striking view to countless tourists that flock here each year simply to catch a glimpse of this stunning blue lake.

Fairy Meadow

Fairy Meadows is a beautiful grassland situated in the Rakhiot Valley. The view of the Nanga Parbat Mountain from this location is sheer magnificence.

Badshahi Mosque

The exterior of the mosque is made with red sandstone and is decorated with magnificent marble inlay. The complete mosque is intricately carved with floral designs that wonderous to see.

Kalam  Valley

Famous for its glacial lakes, the Kalam Valley comprises lush green forests, alpine snow-clad mountain peaks, pristine glaciers, medicinal springs, and beautiful flora and exotic mountainous fauna.


A bustling large city which is actually Pakistan’s main financial and industrial centre but is filled with architecture and culture too. Karachi is the twelfth largest city in the world and the biggest in Pakistan.