16 Reasons  to add Christmas Island to your travel list

Majestic ocean views, sultry rainforests, and glorious natural beaches. Let Christmas Island’s salty sea air, intriguing natural lifeforms, and pristine coral reefs seduce you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

A moving carpet of crabs

The annual crab migration

The beautiful tropical beaches

Extensive coastline frontage with a backdrop of tropical jungle and magnificent blue seas give these sand and coral beaches an other-worldly feel.

The Job

Christmas Island National Park

Vast swathes of untainted, protected rainforest

The Job

You can dive with whale shark

The sheer size of these creatures when they are alongside you is mind-blowing, humbling, and breathtaking.

It’s remote and tranquil

Isolated beaches afford an appreciation of exclusivity and peace.

Get up close and personal with dolphins, manta rays and sea turtle

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