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Although it’s not quite as famous as its neighbors, Guadeloupe makes a truly beautiful laid-back destination offering everything from stunning beaches to jungle-lined mountains.

St Anne

A beach with white sand and crystal clear water, this beach could be described as paradise. The beach is very popular with both tourists and residents which can see it crowded at times.


Les Sainte

Les Saintes is formed up of nine unspoiled islands. Two of these islands are inhabited and are havens for visitors with bistros galore. It is a volcanic archipelago and is surrounded by shallow reefs.

This gorgeous spot is the exotic tropical beach of Saint anse francois, and is home to swaying palm trees, coconut palms, a sailing ship at the champagne lagoon and some truly wonderful sunsets.

Anse Champagne Beach

Terre de Haut

With gorgeous beaches and French-Creole shops aplenty, this municipality is well worth a visit as one of the most beautiful places in Guadeloupe.

Plage de Grande Anse

It is considered one of the most majestic beaches of Guadeloupe and is very picturesque. It is the longest beach of the Guadeloupe archipelago and has clear blue waters, clean white sands, and beautiful coconut palm trees.

The city is charming and has plenty of character, with many places for tourists to stay and plenty of fine eateries for visitors to check out and try some delicious food.


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