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Here are a collection of places to explore in the country that has captured so many imaginations over the years, from painters, to architects, poets, and warriors, Denmark is the full package!


From fine dining to free livin’ communes Copenhagen has it all! Denmark’s capital city sits on the Islands of Amager and Zealand on the east coast of the country, it’s connected to its neighbour Sweden by Oresund Bridge. 


The second-largest city in Denmark is a mix of youthful energy and historic architecture

Mols Bjerge is a beautiful protected stretch of 180Km2 in Djursland, bounded on one side by rugged coastline and the other by verdant forests. The extraordinary landscape encompasses some wild and ancient land including barrows and burial mounds, ruined castles and henges.

Mols Bjerge

The bustling, picturesque fishing port of Skagen is situated at the northernmost point of Denmark and is surrounded by the north sea to one side and the Straits of Denmark to the other.



Just 40 minutes from downtown Copenhagen you’ll find the extraordinary Frederiksborg Castle, a palatial complex in the renaissance style that is still used by the Danish Monarchy.

The cosy city of Odense is named for Odin, Norse god of war, wisdom and poetry and it lives up to its name with a rich cultural and literary history. 


Wide sweeping beaches and dunes and lush marshy landscape, it’s a perfect spot to head for if you just want to get away from it all

Romo Island

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