55 awesome things to do in Kansas City

A large Missouri City which straddles the border with Kansas, it’s an underrated city that has a lot of soul and is mostly known for its love of BBQs, jazz, art, and sport. It’s home to a great number of museums, easy-on-the-eye parks and gardens, plenty of fountains, some excellent restaurants and breweries, and a few quirky neighborhoods and creative types.

It’s also a very affordable and accessible city to visit filled with down-to-earth locals. Here are the most awesome things to do in Kansas City, Missouri as well as an essential guide to all the best spots in town…

City Market

A fantastic destination in Kansas City, this is a historic farmer’s market which dates from 1857 and is the largest in the region.


Union Station

This is a stunning historic building located in the center of Kansas City which dates from 1914, and today it stands as a landmark attraction and community hub where both locals and visitors are free to roam the elegant interiors.

39th Street

This is a cool and vibrant area of town that you should add to your itinerary if you’re visiting Kansa City. The area is home to an eclectic range of shops including vintage stores, antiques, and a great range of vegan, gluten-free eateries.

Arrowhead Stadium Tour

An absolute must for any sports fans this much-loved stadium is the home to the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League.

18th and Vine

This is a nationally famous cultural hub, which looks like a street corner but it’s a vibrant and historic entertainment district where exceptional music, art, sports, and cuisine collide with some truly great venues.

National World War I Museum

This is a stand-out attraction because it actually holds the most impressive and comprehensive collection of World War One objects in the world. Here you’ll see original objects, documents, video, and even recreated war trenches.

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