11 Reasons to add Belize to your travel list

Belize’s is slowly rising through the ranks to become a must-see destination for independent travellers to this corner of the globe.  

The sunrise

San Pedro, a small island off of the Belizean Coast, has the most beautiful sunrise, and is not one to be missed.  

The marine life

From dolphins to sea turtles to sharks – you get everything in the amazing city’s waters. 

The Job

The food

Belize holds many delicious variations of street tacos, tamales, rice and beans in addition to steaks, stews and more.

The Job

The water activities

Traveling to this country during the tourist off-season will really give you a steal on these activities while not compromising your sunny weather experience.

The Blue Hole

This scuba diver’s dream is located right off of the Belizean coast. It is also a part of the Belizean Barrier Reef which boasts of beautiful sea life and coral. 

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