The most beautiful islands in the PhilippineS

So if you are ready to call it a tropical holiday in a country of more than 7,000 islands, here are of the best and most beautiful places to visit in the Philippines…

This small beach town perched on the edge of Bacuit Bay in northern Palawan is famous for its more than 50 karst limestones rising vertiginously out of cerulean waters teeming with colourful corals and fish. 

El Nido

As the premiere tropical escape of the country, Boracay has everything you may expect from a major city – international cuisine, five-star hotels, and riotous, booze-induced nightlife. 

Boracay Island

The Job

Batan Island

Batan and the smaller islands of Batanes burst into the scene when intrepid travelers crossed tempestuous seas far north.

The Job

Lake Pinatubo

Lake Pinatubo in the province of Zambales in the north-western Philippines has grown to become a destination of choice for weekend warriors escaping the discombobulating traffic and stifling heat of the capital, Metro Manila. 

In Filipino folklore, Siquijor enchants with its mystic traditions and equally enchanting native, albeit raw, beauty. 


This landlocked town in the aptly named Mountain Province of north-central Philippines is a storehouse of Ifugao culture which remains alive and well to this day. 


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