Top 20 of the most beautiful cities in Spain

Spain is also known for its beautiful, romantic and architecturally stunning cites – perfect for independent travel.

It’s a very easy-on-the-eye city – which dates back to as early as 150BC – has a compact orientation with gorgeous Gothic, Baroque and Roman architecture. 


Easily one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, Granada is famous for its ancient Moorish Alhambra Palace and beautiful Eastern-style architecture. 


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The Spanish centrally located capital often gets overlooked in favour of the more popular Costas, but spring and autumn are the perfect times to explore this historic gem. 

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With a new collection of art galleries, museums and a handful of swish boutique hotels, Palma is a newly trendy travel destination. 

Cuenca is a beautiful fortified town which has been amazingly well preserved – so much so it has been given world heritage status. 


It’s a peaceful place and much less touristy due to its more isolated location. 


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