15 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In St Martin And St Maarten

Small but beautiful and perfectly formed, this Caribbean gem is actually the world’s smallest area of land divided into two nations – one half is French (Saint Martin) and the other is Dutch (St Maarten).

The result is something truly unique and this is an idyllic island paradise where 120 different nationalities mix alongside each other and where some of the finest cuisines in the Caribbean can be found.

Add to that some gorgeous white sandy beaches, tranquil hidden bays, some lively beach bars and nightlife, excellent shopping and some great options for water sports and hiking and you had a pretty fabulous vacation destination.

Here are the best and most beautiful places to visit in Saint Martin and Sint Maarten…

Maho Beach

This gorgeous beach is famous for its low-lying flights! Visitors can bask in the sandy shores and warm waters of the Caribbean.


Front Street and Old Street

Philipsburg is the main town on the Dutch side of the island (which is why the island is sometimes called Sint Maarten). The town is nestled between Great Bay and the Great Salt Pond, offering great views of the water.

Orient Bay Beach

Orient Bay Beach is one of the nicest (and the busiest!) beaches on the French side of St. Martin. It has excellent turquoise waters and sand, just like almost any other beach on St. Martin. However, what sets Orient Bay apart from other beaches is its lively nature.

Anse Marcel

For a luxurious travel experience on St. Martin, head to Anse Marcel one of the most beautiful places to visit on the island. Anse Marcel is a secluded cove with calm swimming waters on the north of the island. 

Grand Case Beach

The beach is a mile-long expanse of sand located on the French side of the island. Like Anse Marcel, it boasts calm waters with barely any waves, making it a popular destination for families.

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