The 10 incredible submerged cities around the world

Around the world, there are many villages or even whole cities that have been covered by water. However, just a few of them can be seen without immersing under the surface.  

Kalyazin, Russia

Right in the middle of the Volga river stands a bell tower. Part of it is immersed in water, creating a unique landscape that can be admired from the land or from a boat. 

Geamana, Romania

This little village might delight with the colors of the water in which it’s immersed, but there is a very dark history behind it.

The Job

Muang Badan Temple, Thailand

This place ended up covered with water because of a dam, which was built nearby in 1984.

The Job

Kekova, Turkey

The ruins are partially covered with water and are remains of an ancient settlement that was destroyed in the 2nd century by an earthquake. 

Mediano, Spain

The only survivor of the flood is the local church from the 16th century. Its top can be admired from the shore, but many people decide to kayak around it.

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