Top 10 awesome things to do in do in South Korea

Korea is an interesting country that is caught up between strong traditions and accelerated development. It is a beautiful country with a rich, tumultuous history that should be given a chance by travelers 

Climb a mountain,  any mountain

Korea is a very mountainous terrain, most mountains do have a hiking trail leading up to the peak and are doable with an average fitness level. 

Eat, eat, eat

Korean cuisine is unlike any other. It has taken centuries of tradition perfect the recipes. Korean cuisine is an assault on all your senses and it is quite wonderful.  

The Job

Visit the Haesindang park

A visit to Gangwon-do province in Korea would not be complete without a look at the odd park filled with gigantic wooden phalluses.

The Job

Party in  Hongdae, Seoul

Hongdae is a university area in Seoul busy with restaurants, bars and clubs.

Visit Buddhist temple

Regardless of their age and reconstruction, Korean Buddhist temples are still worth a visit. 

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