Top 10 best cities in Europe for travel snobs

A much more authentic or interesting experience can sometimes be found if you explore just a little further afield. Here (in no particular order) are our collective favourite Top 10 best cities in Europe for travel snobs… 

Porto, Portugal

Although one of the cheapest cities in western Europe, Porto is nothing like as popular with visitors as Lisbon or of course the Algarve. 

Dresden, Germany

The more compact Dresden runs a very close second. Dresden – just like Berlin – is a city whose cheap rents and open-minded culture has attracted artists by the bucket load. 

The Job

Salamanca, Spain

The city was for four centuries the seat of one of the world’s most prestigious universities and now the still thriving student population gives Salamanca a youthful, happy vibe.

The Job

Verona, Italy

The mythical home of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet makes an ultra-romantic city break all year round.

Marseille, France

The city has a lot to offer the visitor, including a Mediterranean climate (perfect for exploring the rocky coastline) a fusion of different cultures, lively street markets and Algerian souk-like bazaars. 

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