Top 10 cool and unusual restaurants in Tokyo

Japan is a magnificent mix of traditional values and advanced thinking. Where hot springs are just as popular as maid cafes. 

Arabian Rock

Decorated like Sinbad’s or Aladdin’s, favorite haunt, the Arabian Rock is fully decked out with Persian rugs, hookahs, belly dancers and costume-wearing staff. 


When in Japan, go to a ninja-themed restaurant. This underground hideout complete with drawbridge and hidden doors comes with cleverly named menu items and ninja staff who entertain customers with stealth-like magic tricks. 

The Job

The very cute Alice in Wonderland

If you’ve ever felt a little jealous of Alice and her trippy adventures in wonderland, then this is the place for you.

The Job

Christon Cafe

At Christon Café you’re in for a very spiritual experience.

Vampire Cafe

Coffins, crucifixes and sweet, crimson blood splashed all over the floor are just some of the elaborate decorations you’ll find at Vampire Café in the Ginza district. 

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