Top 10 of the most beautiful places to visit in Taiwan

The pristine lakes, exciting mountain ranges and dramatic coastlines of Taiwan should be the highlight of any trip to Asia.

The capital of Taiwan, once a central hub of industry and cheap labour, has transformed itself into a modern, stylish and high tech city, symbolised by Taipei 101. 


This tranquil body of water is the largest in Taiwan and is easily one of the most picturesque places to visit in Taiwan. 

Sun Moon Lake

The Job


The oldest city in Taiwan was formerly the capital, but still holds as much prestige and beauty despite a complex history of border arguments and mergers. 

The Job

The Penghu National Scenic Area

One of the area’s highlight is the surreally beautiful wind- and water-eroded coastlines of the islands feature stunning basalt cliffs, reefs and some of the finest beaches in the country. 

Swimwear is required for the public baths, but you will find a more ‘natural’ approach is taken at the private springs in the hotels. 

Beitou Hot Springs

One of the seven national parks around Taiwan but in my opinion, it’s the most impressive, purely based on the quite stunning and literally breathtaking site of Taroko Gorge. 

Taroko National Park

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