Top 10 weird things to do in  South East Asia

Southeast Asia has many wonderful places to visit and great things to do. It also offers some of the not-so-traditional and slightly crazy things to do that most people wouldn’t dream of doing back home 

Fire with an Ak-47 or a Bazooka in Cambodia

Easily one of the whackiest things to do in Thailand

Watch Ping Pong shows in Bangkok

Bangkok has some notorious shows and many people have heard of the infamous Ping Pong show. 

The Job

Get drunk while tubing in Vang Vieng

Tubing usually means starting with drinks in the bamboo bars next to the river in Vang Vieng. Most of these tourists are half-naked with their bodies covered in fluorescent paint.

The Job

Join the Thaipusam in Penang

What you’ll see is people shaving their heads and taking a pilgrimage along a few km routes carrying a Kavadi.

Eat bugs anywhere in South East Asia

Would you dine on fried bugs with some spicy sauce? You’ll find them in many parts of South East Asia.  

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