Top 15 Awesome Things To Do in

Santa Cruz

The city of Santa Cruz is the gateway to Monterey Bay and has everything you want on a west coast trip; sun surf and sand. Here are my top 15 things to do in Santa Cruz, the wonderfully laid-back Californian coastal gem…

This iconic amusement park has been used in more movies than there’s space to mention and film buffs like me will find it immediately recognizable.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Natural Bridges State Beach

This beautiful beach was named for three natural bridges formed in the rocks that stretched across a section of the beach and into the sea.

Santa Cruz Wharf

The Wharf has appeared in many movies, perhaps most noticeably its fish market was used in Sudden Impact with Clint Eastwood.

Go Whale Watching

One of Santa Cruz’s biggest treasures can be found just below the surface of the very surfable waves!

The Lost Boys Santa Cruz Tour

If you’re a movie buff like me, or just a fan of this particular movie, I highly recommend downloading the map and taking the self-led tour!

The Santa Cruz Beach Steam Train

Originally the train would carry lumber as well as day-trippers to the Big Trees and Santa Cruz, today the steam train trundles tourists and picnickers along the original track which first opened in 1875.

Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden refers to a collection of crystal clear pools that form along the San Lorenzo River and it winds through the redwood forests.