Top 15 of the most beautiful places to visit in Guatemala

if your definition of beauty is stunning natural landscapes, restored colonial buildings, and experiencing the heritage of a country, then Guatemala might just be the perfect destination for you. 

Volcano Acatenango

One of the most stunning places to explore in Guatemala


A beautiful and unique place to visit in Guatemala

The Job


This totally out-of-place lodge features two hobbit holes where guests can spend the night, albeit a little pricey for Guatemala.

The Job

La Esquina Antigua

In a city filled with ruins and old cobblestone streets, stepping inside La Esquina is like stepping into a teleportation device.

Semuc Champey

The cemetery of the town of Tulcàn is a maze of green, with walls made of hedges styled into twisting shapes and sculptures, towering arches, and even animals. 

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