Unspoilt  places to visit  in Costa Rica for travel snobs

If you’re looking to have a more in-depth experience away from the crowds, check out these fabulous unspoilt places to visit in Costa Rica for travel snobs everywhere… 

Puerto Viejo

Long stretches of pristine coastline curve around the gentle crystal clear water. 

Santa Rosa  National Park

The protected area consists of thick jungle spanning for miles over the verdant landscape. Jungle trails lead in all directions to isolated beaches. 

The Job


Book yourself a vacation rental next to the beach, and head out in the cool morning air and go snorkelling.

The Job


Acting as a popular stopover for travellers, the historical town has developed a robust tourist infrastructure.


Dominical is a laid-back beach town on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast. The vibe here is chilling out on the beach, relaxing in the bar with a cold beer and relaxing. 

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