Unspoilt Places to visit in Pakistan for travel snobs

Here are the best cool and unusual hotels to choose, from the glamorous and unique to the creative, quirky and hip.

Astore Valley

This is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Pakistan.


The “City of Flowers” as it is known, is the oldest in all of Pakistan and its rich history can be felt at each and every turn.

The Job


Misgar is the last valley before the Chinese border, and due to how difficult it is to reach, it’s almost completely ignored by any and all tourists.

The Job


The “City of Saints” as it’s known was one of the most important trading centers in the Subcontinent during Medieval times


The country is also blessed with hundreds of miles of coastline. Gwadar is one of these hamlets in the sea

Karambar Lake

Karambar Lake is one of the most remote places in all of Pakistan.

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