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Top 10 of the best dog travel bags (to carry your doggy things)!

Taking a break with your canine companion in tow means you will need to carry their favorite bits of kit with you. From beds, bowls, food, and even their very best squeaky toy, you won’t want your furry friend to go without when you travel.

Why Buy a Dog Travel Bag?

If you regularly travel with your dog or are planning to do so in the future, a dedicated dog bag is a great way to keep all of their bits and pieces separate from the rest of your luggage. Not to be confused with a bag to carry your dog in – unless you are visiting the NYC subway, of course, then you may need to rethink your plans. A dog bag is like a diaper bag, but more about the dog and less about the diapers.

Things to Consider With Dog Travel Bags

dog travel bags reviewed

Because all dogs are different, their bags should be too. Before you rush out and buy the first one you see, consider the following…

Size and Weight

Your dog bag will need to be big enough to carry everything you need for your pet pooch, without being too bulky. At the very least, you will need a bag that can accommodate a feeding bowl, some emergency food or treats, a blanket, waste bags, and a small selection of toys. Because these items can be quite heavy when carried all together, your bag should also be as lightweight as possible when empty.

Just like our favorite four-legged companions, dog bags are available in all shapes and sizes. Before you buy, be realistic about how much space you need to carry all your dog gear around with you, and if you are flying, be sure that the bag you choose meets airline specifications.

Handles and zips

Cute little noses can sniff out treats and toys from a mile away, so good quality zippers and compartments that can be fully closed are a must. It is also useful to have a variety of different compartments on both the inside and the outside so that you can access your dog’s favorite things at the exact moment you need them.

When it comes to carrying your dog travel bag, you may want to consider one that can be both over the shoulder and by hand to ensure that you always keep one hand free for holding the lead.

Material and durability

Your dog’s kit can weigh quite a large amount when all carried together, so you will definitely want to look for a bag with a sturdy design and one that is made from a durable material. Ideally, it should be moisture and waterproof to prevent damage and dampness and even protected from fading in the sun, as some dog travel bags live their lives in the back of a car or van.

It will also need to be easy to wipe down for muddy days and dirty paws, and if possible, machine washable for regular rinsing of doggy smells, mud, and spillages.

Compartments and organization

Most dog owners appreciate the need to keep your dog’s belongings clean and well organized on the road. Really good dog travel bags come complete with zippered storage compartments both on the inside and the outside of the bag, a large main compartment for keeping bigger items like food and water bowls, and even additional meshes or elastics to keep pet supplies in place in transit.

Divided compartments make it easy to keep your dirty food bowl away from your clean dog blanket, for example, and wet and dry pockets are even more useful again.


Some of the best bags are much more than just travel bags. In fact, they are entire doggy travel systems designed to include insulated food containers, collapsible feeding bowls in different sizes, waterproof mats, blankets, and even toys – all of which add value to the bag itself and make your life as a dog owner so much easier on the go.

The Best Dog Travel Bags

Meal Times Are Easy With Dishwasher Safe Silicone Bowls and a Feeding Mat

[amazon box=”B01HDOFEKQ” title=”Overland Travel Dog Tote Bag” description=” “]

Overland travel dog tote bag with collapsible silicone bowls

This complete doggy travel luggage system, make it super easy to take your dog and all his best belongings away with you. With a large zippered inside pocket, a divider to keep everything neatly stacked and easy to find, and two lined carriers to keep up to 10 cups of dog food or treats away with you, you will be able to keep everything you need close to hand.

Making light work of lunches on the go, this bag even comes complete with two collapsible dishwasher safe silicone bowls and a placement mat, meaning you can stop for a feed wherever and whenever you need to.

For longer journeys, this clever little bag can rest easily on the pull up handle of your suitcase, making it just right for taking on vacation with you and your pet pooch.

A Cool and Sophisticated Doggy Travel Bag

[amazon box=”B07DH43ZWL” title=”Yoho Dog Travel Bag” description=” “]

Large Stylish Waterproof Canvas Dog Travel Bag

With classic good looks and a sophisticated brass metal hardware, this bag is perfect for the fashion-conscious dog owner and their pet. Made from 100% cotton with a waterproof coating, you can keep your dog’s essentials dry in the dampest of weather and wipe the bag clean when you need to.

With a large main compartment, several side pockets, and a removable internal divider, there is plenty of room in this bag for all of your best friend’s bits and pieces. Keep treats, leads, bowls, and toys all in one place and take advantage of the lined food containers to keep your pet’s food fresh on the go. This bag also comes with two large, high quality, food-grade, BPA-free, microwave, and dishwasher-safe, collapsible, 7” diameter silicone bowls, and even with all this great kit included inside it, the bag is still compact enough to fit in a standard overhead aircraft storage bin.

Enjoy Long Days Away With This Complete Dog Travel System

[amazon box=”B07MHKBLVL” title=”Teamoy Double Layer Pet Travel Bag” description=” “]

Teamoy Double Layer Dog Travel Bag with 2 Silicone Collapsible Bowls

With enough room to carry your pet’s toys, water, blankets, leashes, waste bags, wipes, and other accessories while on the move, this double layer design travel bag is perfect for taking your small to medium-sized pooch with you on vacation.

This bag comes complete with a sizable main compartment, two-lined food containers to keep food fresh, two collapsible silicone bowls and one water-resistant and easy to clean fold placemat – everything your pooch could need on the move. Made from high-quality water-resistant Nylon, the bag also has a unique divider in the main compartment, which will help to keep your pet’s gear neatly organized and easy to get to. Perfect for days out, long journeys or trips away from home, the padded handle and adjustable shoulder strap make it easy to carry even when it is full. 

A Good Sized Bag for Carrying Your Dogs Belongings

[amazon box=” B01C76I6SW” title=”Wahl Pet Travel Tote” description=” “]

Wahl Professional Animal Travel and Tote Bag

With a choice of brightly colored designs, there is no chance of mistaking this doggy travel bag for any other type of luggage. Keep everything your pampered pooch needs close at hand, with this lightweight but durable polyester travel bag measuring 14” x 8” x 9.5” (L x W x D).

Perfect for carrying all of your dog’s grooming tools and other pet supplies, you can ensure that your canine companion feels at home wherever you are headed. For easy storage, this bag offers five outside zippered compartments, a netted side compartment, a solid side compartment, and three further zipped compartments, one with that even features a wallet section for your convenience.

On the inside, the bag has a sizable main compartment with a further two separate 6-inch pockets and an additional 12 inch pocket with velcro closure. Lightweight, roomy, and with the option of both a 45-inch shoulder strap and adjustable side carry straps, this is an affordable and incredibly useful bag for taking with you on your next adventure.

Take to the Skies With This Canine Carry-On

[amazon box=”B07D7GWDDL” title=”Airline Approved Travel Set” description=” “]

Top Dog Airline Approved Travel Set for Dogs of All Sizes

This clever little travel set combines a travel bag, food container, and doggy bowl all in one go. Suitable for dogs of all sizes, this stylish grey bag comes complete with not one but two collapsible, dishwasher safe, silicone doggie bowls so your pampered pooch can eat and drink from their very own bowls, absolutely anywhere!

Offering a front magnetic sleeve pocket, a water bottle holder, a zippered side pocket, an internal zippered mesh pocket, and a removable internal divider, you can keep all of your pooch’s most essential items nicely separately while on the move.

The unique design of the two circular, lined food storage containers are also insulated to keep your dog’s food fresher for longer, and this useful bag and bowl combo is also carry-on compliant. Easy to carry and incredibly well-thought-out, this doggy travel bag is perfect for long-distance travel, camping trips, or even just occasional days out if you want to.

Collapsible Bowls, Toys and a Blanket Add Value to This Doggy Travel Kit

[amazon box=” B07C4J3P99″ title=”Hilike Premium Pet Travel Bag” description=” “]

Hilike Premium Pet Travel Bag

Offering multiple pockets of various sizes, this clever doggy travel bag is great for keeping everything you and your pooch need to be organized on the go. With enough room to keep you going for a week or so, this kit bag is still compact enough to meet airline carry-on restrictions.

Perfect for all sorts of trips away, days out, and outdoor activities, this bag comes complete with a dog food carrier, a tote bag with a large main compartment, a travel blanket, two collapsible silicone bowls and even a flying disc for fun and frolics with your best friend.

Made from durable and easy to clean materials, the food storage bag is insulated to keep your dog’s favorite foods fresh, and better still, the adjustable shoulder strap makes this bag easy to carry, even when full. 

A Rugged and Affordable Travel Bag for Your Best Friend

[amazon box=”B00CFMJ4T4″ title=”High Road Wag’n’Ride Pet Travel Bag” description=” “]

High Road Dog Travel Bag with Waste Bag Dispenser

This dog travel bag is perfectly designed to accompany you and your pooch on long journeys in the car. Made from 500D polyester, this bag is tough and durable and easy to wipe clean when you need to. It also comes with an adjustable headrest strap, making it super easy to secure while in transit.

Offering a large main central dog bin, you can keep your best friend’s toys close at hand while you are on the road, while the spring closures keep wet noses and prying paws safely out when they need to be. There is also a wide front pocket that holds an incredibly useful collapsible travel dog bowl, and a side compartment holds extra dog equipment as necessary.

Designed to keep your essentials close by, this bag also has a waste bag dispenser for easy walks and a water bottle holder to keep you both hydrated on the move.

A Doggy Storage Bag That Attaches to Your Suitcase

[amazon box=”B07NLLGDVT” title=”Mad Panda Airline Approved Pet Bag” description=” “]

Dog Travel Bag for Pet Accessories and Food Bag

This complete doggy travel system is designed to maximize your storage by offering you well-designed, flexible, and easy to use space that is just perfect for keeping all of your dogs day to day essentials close at hand. The whole kit makes it super easy to keep your dogs clean, fed, and entertained on the go and offers various storage compartments and pockets, and a roomy main interior carry space.

Offering a choice of one large or two small dishwasher safe collapsible dog travel bowls, as well as two dog food bags lined with aluminum, your dog’s dinner will be ready to be enjoyed anywhere you are headed. Made from lightweight yet durable material, the adjustable and cushioned shoulder pads make it super comfortable to carry too.

For complete doggy comfort on the go, this bag has a luggage sleeve that slips easily over the pull-up handle of your suitcase, and its compact dimensions mean that it will still fit within carry-on luggage restrictions.

Lightweight Tote Bag With Plenty of Room for Your Pets Favorite Belongings

[amazon box=”B07H9HVW58″ title=”CoziPet Pet Travel Bag Tote” description=” “]

CoziPet Pet Travel Bag Tote

This travel tote bag is perfect for pets who want to go everywhere with you. The travel system has enough space to carry everything you and your pet’s needs on a daily basis, and the lightweight yet durable design and padded handles make it easy to carry, even when full. 

With a selection of conveniently located pockets both on the inside and the outside of the bag, you can carry your best friend’s treats, toys, blankets, and anything else your pet may need on the go. Complete with durable, lined food carriers and collapsible bowls that are dishwasher safe, there is no reason for your pampered pooch ever to go hungry.

Made with long-distance travel in mind, the Cozipet bag has a sleeve on the bag that can be attached to the handle of your suitcase, and the bag itself is made from moisture and stain-resistant material, making it incredibly easy to clean when you need to.

A Car Storage Bag for You and Your Pooch

[amazon box=”B07ML8P7D7″ template=”horizontal”]

SunGrow Dog Treat Pouch Bag & Organizer

This handy little organizer is perfect for keeping your pet’s most essential items close by on the go. Keep it in your car to keep everything neat and within easy reach, and be sure that your four-legged friend is happy even on longer journeys.

With a variety of pockets and flexible storage options, this pouch is large enough to carry your water bottles, treats, collars, leashes, toys, and wipes. The pouch organizer even comes with a unique cooling capability to keep water and drinks refreshingly cool along the way.

The stretch out elastic clip makes it easy to secure the pouch and your dog’s belongings to the back of your car seat, and the strong, durable material is also waterproof and fade-proof meaning it can stay in can be left in the back of the car in between uses, and taken out in any weather when you need to.

Final Thoughts

Don’t turn days out into a doggy drama; keep everything you need with you in a dog travel bag. From airline ready travel systems to organizers for your car, there are plenty of different bag and pouches to choose from to keep your best friend happy, wherever you are heading.


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