Cool and unusual hotels in San Diego

Top 20 cool and unusual hotels in San Diego 2021

One of the most open, smog-free, and sunniest cities in the whole of the USA, San Diego – located on California’s Pacific coast – beguiles and charms many of its hundreds of thousand visitors. Feeling more like a collection of ultra-hip neighborhoods each with its own character and personality, the affluent ocean-orientated city is famously…

Most romantic hotels in Asheville

Top 15 of the most romantic hotels in Asheville

With its gorgeous location in North Carolina’s scenic Blue Ridge Mountains and a place that’s filled with cozy cabins, and intimate dining, Asheville makes a beautiful backdrop for a romantic vacation. Pay a visit to the stunning historic Biltmore Estate, go for a hike in the surrounding countryside, stroll hand in hand around the North…

Cool and unique hotels in Dallas

Top 20 cool and unusual hotels in Dallas 2021

Bold, brash, status-conscious but contrary to popular belief no oil of its own to speak of, ‘The Big D’ as it’s sometimes known, is a shiny and modern metropolis in North Texas, and the commercial and cultural hub of the region too. Known for its popular cliches of wealthy, consumer-driven Texan cowboys, being the site…

The most romantic hotels in Vancouver

Top 15 of the most romantic hotels in Vancouver

With its fairytale setting surrounded by towering peaks, sparkling waters, and striking natural vistas, Vancouver makes a great choice for a romantic city break. Go for a picnic in Stanley Park, stroll hand-in-hand around Van Dusen Botanical Gardens, experience an adrenal rush at the Canada FlyOver, sip on cocktails at a rooftop bar then end…

Most romantic hotels in Boston

Top 15 of the most romantic hotels in Boston 2021

The progressive, fun, and friendly city also make a great backdrop for a romantic break. Head out on a scenic New England drive, enjoy a picnic in gorgeous Boston Common, stroll hand-in-hand along the Charles River Esplanade, gaze at the beautiful views from the Skywalk Observatory, catch a performance in the Theater District, and then…