We’re all travel snobs here at GlobalGrasshopper but we mean that in a good way! We love visiting non-touristy destinations away from the crowds and discovering the best under-the-radar gems.

Here you can find a lot of guides of a less mainstream and a more boutique type of traveling from finding the most swish spots in Palmato to discovering quiet and unspoiled places away from the crowds in traditional tourist favorites such as Corfu, Crete, Tenerife, Ibizia, Cyprus, Mallorca and many more.

The most beautiful European under-the-radar destinations

12 of the most beautiful European under-the-radar destinations 2021

What better way to kick-start the new year than making some exciting travel plans? If you anything like us then you probably want to avoid somewhere swamped with tourists or over anglicised and head to somewhere to experience another culture… people, language, food and lifestyle. To help you choose we’ve collectively compiled a list of…

Germany in winter

How to spend a boutique 48 hours in Regensburg Christmas (

Although Bavaria lives up to all its wonderful cliches of lederhosen, dirndls and of course its beer-supping, thigh-slappingly jolly festivals, the Southeastern state in Germany Bavaria offers much more than just a fine place to get drunk. It’s a place where pristinely glossy landscapes are punctuated with story-book castles, traditional churches and neat and medieval…