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Ferrari Driver Academy Sign

Inside the Ferrari Driver Academy: training to win

It was 10am on a Tuesday, and a man I’d only just met had given me his shorts. Luckily, the man in question was the aptly named Andrea Ferrari, and the shorts meant I didn’t have to spend the morning work out in my jeans. I was still recovering from the shock of finding myself in a gym when I was handed a red Ferrari Driver Academy t shirt, and pulling it on, I suddenly felt rather privileged…

Turin City Centre

Turin, Italy: a city beginning to shine

This is our article from our #contemporaryart trip kindly organised by Turismo Torino. Turin isn’t always the first city people think of visiting when they plan they’re trip to Italy, and who can blame them? Despite being surrounded by green hills and Alpine peaks, the Northern city is mostly known for its smog, its industry and their emblematic Fiat factories…