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Top 15 of the best car booster seats for dogs!

All dog owners consider their precious little pooches as a part of their family and love to take them everywhere. This makes for a lot of car rides, and those can be hard for smaller dogs since cars aren’t as comfortable for dogs as they are for us. This is where a dog booster seat will help. It keeps the dog comfortable and gives them a good view of the moving scenery. Other than that, it prevents your puppy from sliding around in the car when you’re travelling with pets, which can be potentially dangerous. If you want only the best for your dog, then you should purchase a dog booster seat.

Things to consider when purchasing a car booster seat

car booster seats for dogs

The market has many types of dog car seats, and choosing the perfect one can prove to be a difficult task. There are some things you should consider before choosing one so that you can strap your puppy in and be one your way.

Is it easy to fit?

The seat you like may fit your dog, but will it fit in your car? When you’re looking for a car seat, you need to be careful of the dimensions of the seat so that installing it in your car won’t be an issue. If the seat you buy is for occasional use only, then getting one that can be folded and stored would be a wise decision.

Is it suitable for your dog?

You can use a sizing chart to help determine the right size for your dog. The size of the seat is really important. If you buy a size that’s too small, your money and the comfort of your dog will both be lost simultaneously. On the contrary, a large size will put your precious pet at risk of injury or unfortunate accidents.
After puppyhood, many dogs grow in size, and if you have a breed that grows up to be a big dog, then you should pick a car seat that has enough space to fit your adult dog. The breed of your dog determines the dimensions of your seat. If your dog is bulky, like a pug, it may require a seat with more width.


The perfect seat will be one that provides support and comfort to your dog and keeps it calm throughout the journey. Being able to snooze or lie down for a while is essential for dogs. Judge how spacious the seat and if it will be suitable for your dog’s little naps. Some extra space will give your dog space to stretch or lie down, as dogs can tend to be energetic pets.

Easy to clean

Dogs can get dirty pretty easily, and that may make the car seat dirty too. To avoid the buildup of grime and dirt on the seat, go for a seat with washable covers. This way, you can throw the covers in the washing machine and be stress-free.
The whole purpose of a car seat is to keep your dog safe and far away from injuries. The two features you should look for are how a seat attaches to the car and how your dog can be strapped in.
First of all, the dog car seat should have a sturdy attachment system to the actual car. Secondly, the dog car seat should have extendable security belts that hold your dog in place. These belts should have metal buckles for maximum protection.


Investing in a heavy-duty car seat can go a long way. Before buying a car seat, you need to make sure that it’s made of good quality. For example, you should look for padded seats and a strong security belt. High-quality products last a long time, and in this case, there is a high chance of wear and tear. The material also plays a huge part in durability.
Extra features – cute design, extra padding, a hood
If you’re one to care about looks and aesthetics, then finding a dog car seat that matches the covers of your actual car seats or having a cute design on it would expand your options and satisfy your needs as well.
Other than looks, if your dog has some sort of special needs, you can look for a car seat that would be the most comfortable for your pup. Some would prefer extra padding so that their dogs can rest well while some would prefer a hood to keep away sunlight.
The special needs of your pets should be taken into consideration as you’re buying a dog car seat for their comfort and safety in the first place.
Front seat or back seat
Whether you want the seat in the back or in the font, it completely depends on you. One thing to note is that some car seats only fit in the back and some only in the front. Prior to your purchase, pay attention to this detail.
Reviews of Top Dog Booster Seats
1. Pet Front Seat Cover for Dogs by Siivton
This product is at the top of our list because of its new design and dual functionality. Not only does it function as a car seat for your dog, but it also works as a cover for your actual car seat. Its function depends on you as the design is convertible.
The four-layer structure of the seat is made of waterproof PU and heavy-duty polyester. These materials make the seat durable and incredibly strong. Its construction helps to prevent any sort of liquid from damaging the cover or the car seat. Moreover, the slip-proof PVC net and PP-grade cotton provide extra cushioning as well as comfort for your dog.
It can be attached using seat anchors and a built-in rubber backing to avoid any slippage. The seat comes with a storage bag that closes with a Velcro lid. This extra bag provides enough space to pack your dog’s traveling necessities or even yours.
The cover has a simple and elegant design and doesn’t clash with the car’s interior. It gives you durability, safety, and comfort, making it the best of all.
No-slip rubber backing.
Four layers provide waterproof quality.
Extra cushioning for added comfort.
Extra storage bag.
Sleek design.
· Only for front seats.

2. Pet Gear Booster Seat for Dogs
The Pet Gear’s booster seat is elevated just enough so that your dog can enjoy the view outside whilst being comfortable, thanks to the removable plush pillow. The plush pillow gives extra cushioning. As the pillow can be removed, it makes it easier to clean or wash it.
Other than that, the liner comes in three different colors and design combinations; black/fog, chocolate/jaguar, and chocolate/swirl. Who doesn’t love a funky design? The booster seat is easy to attach and remove as it doesn’t need any tools to install in the first place. Regarding safety, the tether can be attached to your pet’s harness for maximum security.
The booster is quite spacious and can easily fit two small dogs, and for bulkier dogs, it provides enough space that they can sit and relax all they want.
Removable cover.
Easy removal and attachment.
Very spacious.
The tether can be attached to a harness.
Comes in three design and color combinations.
Tethers are flimsy.
Sides are made of hard, thin plastic.

3. Pet Gear Lookout Booster Car Seat
Luxurious and simple: two words that perfectly describe this booster seat. The Pet Gear Lookout Booster Car Seat will make your dog feel as if it were wrapped up in the coziest blanket ever, all thanks to the soft yet sturdy foam that this booster seat is made of.
The micro-suede cover and the removable plush pillow will not only make your life easier but will also make your dog feel lavish. Anything removal is a blessing because it makes washing as simple as just throwing it in the wash.
When it comes to safety, Pet Gear is not one to compromise. The booster seat includes a tether that can be attached to your dog’s harness. In addition to that, it also uses the car’s seat belts to make your dog as comfortable as possible. Furthermore, this product is large enough to fit two small dogs. To top it all off, the installment process is quite simple and doesn’t create a fuss.
Attaches to the pet’s harness.
Easy installment.
Large enough for two small dogs.
Removable cover and pillow.
Lightweight but strong.
Harness holders are quite short.
Provided tether is dangerous and can cause injury.

4. Petsafe Solvit Tagalong Pet Booster Seat
This booster seat is quite unique as it can be hung from the headrest of the car. This way, the beautiful scenery throughout the car ride is clearly visible to your dog, and it can be comfortable the whole time too.
Its polyester Oxford body, accompanied with a fleece liner, makes the seat soft to rest on and also assures durability. The inner fleece is also removable. You can let go of any worries about cleaning the seat or bad odors.
To accommodate the different but adorable breeds of dogs, the seat is available in threes size and two colors. And to make matters simpler, the installation technique takes a few minutes only.
As mentioned before, this booster seat is unique, and it isn’t elevated from below; instead, it levitates with support from above and below. This quality of the product makes it exciting and new.
For comfort, the interior is padded, and for safety, a harness attachment is present.
Straps can be adjusted to one’s preferred height.
Removable fleece liner and Oxford body.
Simple installment.
Only for dogs up to 25 pounds.
Can only be attached to the headrest.

5. Pet Gear Deluxe Travel Carrier
Dual functionality is not only appreciated but also required by owners that consider pets as their family. This is why the Pet Gear Deluxe Travel Carrier is an amazing option as it works as a carrier as well as a car seat. You can turn this carrier into a car seat by attaching it to your car’s seat belt.
It’s mostly made of mesh which provides great ventilation, and your pet won’t miss any scenery. In addition to that, the whole carrier is collapsible, making it portable and easy to store. The canopy can be opened by pressing a push-button so you can avoid stiff zippers. Moreover, the canopy can be adjusted in three positions.
An interior tether helps to attach your pet’s harness for added safety. It includes a detachable and washable fleece comfort pad. Most importantly, it comes in three different colors. So, with this, you can travel with your pup in style!
Multifunctional and versatile.
Mesh makes for great ventilation.
Detachable fleece pad.
No zippers; pushbuttons reduce chances of escape.
· Awkward strap placement.

6. BLOBLO Dog Car Seat Pet Booster Seat
BLOBLO Dog Car Seat may sound like a silly name, but they take the comfort and safety of their products very seriously. This dog car seat is super comfortable and soft and mostly meant for older and less-mobile dogs.
It is built almost like a mini sofa, hence offering enough back support for your dog. There are cushions on all four sides to give your little pup the most relaxing ride of its life. It can even be used as a bed because of how comfortable it is. The material consists of an Oxford cloth, which is great for proving warmth.
The extendable straps make for a great restraint system and make it easier to adjust the straps according to your dog’s liking. This product will also prevent your dog from scratching any part of the car.
The detachable mat is easily washable while the simple installment makes this product convenient. Lastly, the seat has a side pocket that can be used to store bags or other necessities.
Can be installed in the front or back seat.
Doubles up as a bed.
Detachable mat.
Side pocket for added storage.
Super comfortable design.
Not waterproof.
Not collapsible.
Only for small dogs such as Chihuahuas.

7. A4Pet Lookout Dog Booster Car Seat
The A4Pet Lookout Dog Booster Car Seat is essentially a big rectangle, but it has to be the most efficient and useful rectangle you will ever see. This huge bag has two front pockets and two carrying handles. It’s so huge you can fit all your groceries in it!
The surprising part is that this bag can actually be doubled as a doggy bed! As mentioned earlier, dual functionality is the best quality of a dog car seat. It comes with a security leash and a sling for easy carrying. For attachment to the car, two seatbelt loops are present. This system ensures safety and security.
Since this bag is quite large, you may wonder if it’ll let your pet peek outside the window, and the answer is yes! The platform inside the bag elevates any dog by 6 and a half inches. To top it all off, it can withhold up to 300 pounds.
Being made of Oxford fabric and fleece, this seat will provide optimum comfort for your dog. If the size worries you, then you should know that the whole seat is collapsible and can be washed in a machine. All in all, this product is convenient not only for you but for your furry half as well.
Two side pockets.
Large size.
Fully collapsible.
Machine washable.
Can support up to 300 pounds.
No color options.
No tethers to attach to the pet’s harness.

8. Flow. Month Pet Bucket Seat Cover
For those who like a sleek and uncomplicated design, they’ll love this pet seat cover. This product isn’t like other seat covers; it’s made of high-end materials and is completely waterproof. It has a sophisticated look to it and will protect your car from mud, pet hair, etc.
Moving on to its construction, it comprises four layers of long-lasting materials such as an Oxford fabric, PP cotton, waterproof, and a non-slip net. Because these products are all heavy-duty, they have a long and durable lifetime. Along with a non-slip net, it comes with multiple fasteners that hold the seat cover in place even if you skid your car.
Its installment is a piece of cake as well. All you need to do is strap in the buckles, including a headrest buckle. Its dimensions are meant to fit a car seat snugly. Above all, it even comes with a seatbelt for dogs, a collapsible water bowl, and a packaging bag.
Sleek design with one front pocket.
Fits snugly.
Durable and made of high-end materials.
Consists of four layers.
Multiple fasteners.
Comes with three goodies.
Does not provide an elevated platform.
Only seat cover; no vertical walls or box-design.

9. Henkelion Pet Dog Booster Seat
Having a bunch of color options for anything you buy makes the whole experience more interesting, which is why the Henkelion Pet Dog Booster Seat is one of our favorites. It comes in four vibrant colors; pink, blue, gray, and a simple black. Other than the colors, it has a sturdy construction as it is made of waterproof Oxford fabric and features a ventilation system on both sides. To uphold it, a metal rod supports it and won’t budge even if your dog was to sit on top of it.
A pair of adjustable safety belts hold the booster seat in place. These belts are to be attached to the headrest. If your car is always messy and filled up, then you should opt for a car seat that folds up like this one. The board can be detached and washed separately.
Breathable mesh.
Easy to set up.
Available in four colors.
Additional pocket.
No installation instructions.
Only fits pets up to 30 pounds.

10. Cozy Boost Premium Quality Dog Booster Seat by Stella and Bear
The Stella and Bear Dog booster seat is the perfect thing for your next road trip with your pup. Made of water-resistant and washable materials, this seat makes everything easier for you and provides comfort to your beloved furry friend. The materials are of high-quality, which is why they can accommodate according to the weather. In summer, it’ll keep your pup cool while in winters, it’ll keep them warm.
The collapsible metal frame gives the seat support but can also fold to save you some space. Depending on what you like or what your mood is, you can attach the seat at the back or the front. Since the seat hangs above the actual car seat, it prevents anxiety or motion sickness. There is even enough space for your dog as well as pillows or blankets.
Collapsible design.
Safety seat belt attaches to the dog’s harness.
Made of water-resistant materials.
Accommodates pets according to the weather.
· Dogs cannot hop in or hop out when needed.

11. TOPBRY Car Front Seat Covers for Dogs
This version of the product is full of pillowy goodness and plush edges. Its two-in-one function gives you a chance to use it as a seat cover or a car pet kennel. To help your dog stay out, a seatbelt is provided, which should be fastened before driving.
Like most seat covers, it’s made of waterproof Oxford material to avoid any odor buildup caused by spill accidents. Your car will be safe from any of your dog’s hair or dirt. The seat cover fits most cars and even SUVs, so you don’t need to fret about the dimensions too much.
Since the materials used are durable, it cannot be easily damaged from scratches. The interior of the product calms dogs as it is soft and stops them from fidgeting too much.
Scratchproof and waterproof material.
Foldable design.
Soft plush sides give extra support.
Clip-on installment.
· Not washable by machine.

12. Snoozer Lookout II Pet Car Seat
Better than its previous version, the Snoozer Lookout II Pet Car Seat is not here to disappoint. It comes in three sizes and a range of color as well as pattern options. Comfort comes first as the seat is made of a soft form frame and faux wool interior lining.
Pet owners will love the removable cover that can be washed in a machine.

The Lookout II can be installed in the front seat or the back seat, whatever your pup’s heart’s desires. It gives your dog a little boost so it can look out the window and enjoy the car ride as much as you. This could also help dogs that get carsick really easily.
To make things even more convenient, there’s a pull-out storage drawer for you to store all your dog’s goodies or snacks. It’s a lightweight product which can also be used as a pet bed.
Helps with motion sickness.
Removable covers.
Faux wool lining for comfort.
Storage drawer.
Safety tether is not sturdy.
Cover is not waterproof.
Even the biggest side can only hold 35 pounds.

13. Wonder Creature Dogs and Cats Booster Seat with PVC Support Rail
Investing in a car seat means you’re investing in the protection of your pet, and Wonder Creature does not take protection lightly. This booster seater is reliable as it has PVC railing to avoid any sort of deformities or breakage. You could drive on the rockiest road there is, and your pet will be extremely safe. Its robust structure stays put.
The installment is simple, as it can be attached by a 5 strap system. These straps ensure that the car seat won’t slip around. The whole product is collapsible, saving you space and money. And who doesn’t want that? The material is lightweight, and the rings, hooks, and belts are all anti-rust, ensuring you durability.
As for the design and style, it matches the car’s interior so well; you’ll forget you even inserted a seat!
5-strap attachment system.
Lightweight and durable.
PVC railing provides a sturdy structure.
Large pets cannot fit.
Easy for pets to climb out.

14. PUPPBUDD Dog Car Seat Deluxe Booster
Nothing screams comfort more than a sofa-shaped booster seat. This seat has a simple look and raised rims to keep your dog from moving about too much. It also secures the dog stays in place while providing security to the head and neck. Its installment doesn’t involve some sort of tedious work; all you need to do is buckle up your pup onto the seat and then buckle the seat to the actual car seat.
The exterior covers peel away like a wrapper and make the washing process full of ease. It even provides warmth to your dog as the material is high-end Oxford cloth. Don’t fret about any tears or scratches as it is tear-resistant and non-slip as well. You can make use of the pocket on the side and store snacks or disposal bags in it.
Sofa-shaped seat provides optimum support.
Zippered covers are removable.
Side pocket for storage.
Easy to install.
Grooved orthopedic base.
Only for small dogs.
Flimsy straps and attachment system.

15. PetSafe Solvit Jumbo Pet Safety Seat for Dogs
With the use of Safe-T-core technology, this ultra-safe seat gives your dog the ride of their dreams. Its elevated platform is unmatched, and your dog can enjoy the outside view as if it were on a picnic. It gives up boosts of about 9 inches, giving your dog a better view than you may have. The stiff structure of the seat can be attached to your car seats for added safety.
Installment is never difficult with car seats, and the same goes for this one too. The quilted plaid liner, along with the quilted faux suede cover, will wrap your pup in luxury. The most important thing is that the liners are all washable and removable.
Uses safe-t-core technology.
Plaid liner and faux suede shell.
Elevated platform.
Can be attached in front or back.
Only for dogs up to 30 pounds.
Weighs up to 7 pounds itself.

16. American Kennel Club Pet Booster Seat
A neutral-colored seat goes well with any car, which is why the American Kennel Club Pet Booster Seat will be your next favorite item. It even comes in four different colors so you can choose the one that matches your car the best. The metal framing prevents any accidental collapsing, and you can even attach your dog’s harness to the inside.
This has been designed to be customizable for your dog by using extendable straps. The ride for your dog will be extra safe as it even prevents car sickness. The size is standard so it can fit in almost every car. The provided zipper pocket can hold your dog’s necessities and can even fold up.
Metal framing.
Available in four different colors.
Extendable straps.
Front zipper pocket.
· Can only hold small dogs up to 20 pounds.

Car rides can induce anxiety and carsickness in many dogs, so when you buy a car seat, it’s not all about luxury or comfort. Some dogs need a car set just to tackle a simple car ride. Buying the perfect seat for your pup is essential to their health. Since we’ve gathered quite a bit of a list, make sure you pay close attention to it and buy the right one for your dog!


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