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Most romantic hotels in Santorini

Top 15 of the most romantic hotels in Santorini

You know a place sometimes known as the honeymoon island is going to make a great base for a romantic base. In fact, with its sublime sunsets, azure skies, spectacular sea views, and the wonderful cascade of whitewashed buildings, flanked with windmills and blue dome churches, Santorini emanates romance by the bucketloads. The legendary beautiful…

Nuweiba Egypt

Traveling to Egypt – a first timer’s guide

Egypt is one of the oldest travel destinations that always inspire people with its historical and religious timelines, temple corridors, and breathtaking pyramids. Linking the Middle East to the North-Eastern part of Africa, the country has some important landmarks in humanity’s history. With a fascinating history, ancient monuments, stunning beach resorts, incredible freshwater spring oasis,…

Romantic hotels in Venice

Top 15 of the most romantic hotels in Venice

With a backdrop of gondolas, winding canals, meandering alleyways, gorgeous piazzas lined with alfresco cafes, intimate bridges, waterfront settings, and impossibly pretty historic buildings, Venice is famously one of the world’s most romantic destinations. The hotels here are just stunning and of course equally as romantic. It’s a tough call but from our many collective…

Most beautiful places to visit in Norfolk

Top 15 of the most beautiful places to visit in Norfolk 

A much loved and eternally popular destination in England, the East Anglia county is literally packed with beautiful scenery. This wonderfully watery corner of England is known for its big skies filled with gorgeous sunsets, long sandy beaches, pristine coastline, windswept marshes, imposing windmills, pretty flintstone villages, attractive historic towns, cosy traditional pubs, a large…