Ccool and unusual hotels in Cape Town

Top 20 Cool and Unique Hotels in Cape Town 2023

Home to a warm climate, a vibrant culture and some of most breathtakingly beautiful vistas in the world, Cape Town has spent decades seducing its many visitors. Relax on the beach, commune with the local wildlife, take a tipple on a wine-tasting tour or just experience Cape Town’s unique view on life, often reflected in their collection of unusual hotels….

Cool and Unusual Hotels in Berlin

Top 20 Cool and Unique Hotels in Berlin 2023

Explore the best hotels in Berlin, each offering a unique experience. From trendy design to luxury accommodations, discover the perfect place for your stay in Germany’s vibrant capital. Find the ideal hotel that suits your preferences and budget.

Cool and unique hotels in New York

Top 24 Cool and Unique Hotels in New York 2023

If you’re planning a trip and want to find a unique place to stay, here are our Top 10 cool and unusual hotels in New York. All the accommodation on our list puts an extra effort into making your stay far more interesting, whatever your budget…

Cool and Unusual Hotels in Las Vegas

Top 18 Cool and Unique Hotels in Las Vegas 2023

America’s original Sin City is home to some of the craziest places to stay in the world. When we touched down there a few years we spent a couple of days wandering around the amazingly unique hotels. From old school kitsch to design boutiques hotels here is our collective choice for Top 10 Cool and Unusual hotels in Las Vegas…

cool and unusual hotels in San Francisco

Top 21 Cool and Unique Hotels in San Francisco 2023

Ever since the famous counterculture revolution of the 1960s San Francisco has been associated with free thinkers, bohemians and the unconventional. The city has been at the forefront of many progressive movements from the beat generation to the gay rights crusade…

Cool and Unusual Hotels in Madrid

Top 20 Cool and Unique Hotels in Madrid 2023

10 of the best hotels in Madrid. Spain’s capital city is world renowned for its art, culture and food. While it may not have the tourist appeal and recognisable landmarks of Barcelona, Madrid more than makes up for this by offering fantastic…

Cool and Unusual Hotels in Paris

Top 22 Cool and Unique Hotels in Paris 2023

One of the world’s most visited cities, Paris is famed for its romance, iconic architecture and centuries of artistic achievement. Paris is often everything a visitor wants it’s to be and amid the bustle of everyday life you still might find typical Parisian cliches of poets, intellectuals and elegant fashionistas…

cool and unusual hotels in Reykjavik

Top 20 Cool and Unusual Hotels in Reykjavik 2023

Iceland’s cool capital is known for its love of design, partying and its unique view of life. While staying in Reykjavik we scouted out some of the best places to stay. From kitsch hostels to a guesthouse promoting peace here is our top 10 cool and unusual hotels in Reykjavik…

cool and unusual hotels in Amsterdam

Top 25 Cool and Unusual Hotels in Amsterdam 2023

Overflowing with subcultures and creative types, visitors are also drawn to the city with the promise of great nightlife, interesting cafes and picturesque canals. The Dutch capital’s fondness for the unusual and the original is also a theme in many of its excellent hotels. Here are ten of the most inspiring, quirky and cool hotels in Amsterdam…