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quiet and unspoilt resorts in Italy

15 quiet and unspoilt resorts in Italy for travel snobs

One of the most famously beautiful countries in the world, Italy has thousands of kilometres of coastline and countless areas of stunning natural beauty. Although tourists flocks to its main beauty spots especially during the summer, it’s still possible to discover quiet resorts or just ones where the locals go if you look hard enough. Here are the most beautiful, unspoiled, under-the-tourist radar and quiet resorts to holiday in Italy for travel snobs everywhere…

San Fruttuoso – a tranquil holiday destination in Italy San Fruttuso Italy

Far away from the typical chaos and hectic life, San Fruttuoso is a tranquil holiday destination for the family. Located between the towns of Camogli and Portofino, San Fruttuoso is a place to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the natural beauty. Renowned for its Romanesque San Fruttuoso Abbey and museum located on the bayside, the abbey is accessible only by sea or hiking trails.

Dive in to catch a glimpse of the Christ of the Abyss, a submerged bronze statue off the San Fruttuoso coast. Explore the nearby town of Portofino with historic Castello Brown and the protected coastal area of Parco naturale regionale di Portofino.

Gallipoli, Puglia – an alluring and under-the-radar southern coastal town in Italy

Gallipoli - quiet resorts in Italy

A delightful coastal town in the southwest corner of Puglia, the island town of Gallipoli a favorite summer escape destination for Italians. Nicknamed as “the beautiful city”, the town is accessible via sea or a 16th Century Bridge. The key attraction of the town is the Centro Storico filled with narrow streets, winding alleys and beautiful Roman architecture.

Step back in time by visiting the 13th century Castello Angioino di Gallipoli, the Corte Gallo, or visit the lovely Gallipoli Cathedral with its intricate façade. Laze on the Spiaggia della Purita or the Spiaggia di Pescoluse beach for a perfect day by the waters.

Capo Vaticano, Calabria – a gorgeous hidden gem to discover in Italy

Capo Vaticano Italy

A mystical seaside resort along the Tyrrhenian coast in the town of Ricadi, Capo Vaticano is one of the best beaches in Southern Italy. Known for its grey white granite, dramatic cliffs, crystal clear waters and untouched beauty, the cape has long been considered a sacred place.

Some of the remarkable beaches include Groticelle beach and Focu Beach which have white sand beaches, caves, limestone hills and coves. Take a dip on the cool waters, go snorkeling or explore the secluded caves, this alluring region makes it a delight for beach lovers and as well as nature lovers.

Lipari – a pretty and tranquil Aeolian island off the coast of Sicily

Lipari - quiet resorts in Italy

Representing the essence of Italy, the charming island of Lipari is a true treasure to explore. From the cobbled alleys, white houses with flat roofs to the white and black beaches and magnificent cathedrals, Lipari has plenty of things to offer.

Check out some ancient archaeology at the Museo Archeologico Luigi Bernabo Brea and the Lipari Castle or admire the fascinating architecture of Lipari Cathedral. Explore the natural grandeur of the volcanic nature reserve of Isola di Vulcano and Acquacalda or soak up some sun at the Spiaggia Valle i Mura and Coral Beach, you’ll be rewarded with some spectacular views of the island at Quattropani. 

Ischia – a striking volcanic island on the Gulf of Naples Ischia - quiet and unspoilt places Italy

One of the most picturesque islands in southern Italy, Ischia forms the northern end of the Gulf of Naples. Apart from its exotic scenery, manicured gardens, rolling hills and rocky beaches, Ischia is also known for thermal spas and natural springs.

Explore the beautiful medieval castle of Aragonese standing tall on the islet of Ischia’s east coast or visit the idyllic coastal village of Sant’Angelo with its charming boutiques and local pottery. Bask on the sand, get a tan at the unique Fumarole Beach or explore the blooming garden and charming water features in the hills of Forio, Ischia is a refreshing retreat.

Lake Orta – Italy’s best-kept secret!

Lake Orta - hidden Italy

The moment you reach the lake Orta in northern Italy, you’ll be drawn to the beautiful burgh of Orta San Guilio. Featuring fine townhouses, beautiful gardens, magnificent mansions, and lush mountains, Orta San Guilio will take you back to the Renaissance era.

At the heart of the lake is the Island of San Guilio dominated by Romanesque basilica, the bishop’s palace, and the Benedictine abbey which is beautiful to look out across at all hours. Wander through the pretty streets or venture up the hill, the morning mist makes Orta seem almost magical.

Gabicce Mare – a family retreat on the Adriatic Coast where the locals go and not many tourists

Gabicce Mare Italy

A lively little town on the eastern coast of the country, Gabicce Mare is famous for its scenic beauty, exceptional beaches and clean sea. Perched on the hill are the Gabicce Monte is known for its fortified village and sandstone cliffs.

Take your pick from the popular Bagni Zona 26, Zen Beach, Spiaggia Bagni beach and the secluded coves of Fiorenzzula di Focara and Casteldimezzo. Swim along the clear waters, bike along the trails, or explore the Natural Park of San Bartolo, there are a plethora of things to do and see in this seaside town.

Ravello, Amalfi Coast – a pretty treasure trove on the Amalfi Coast

 Ravello - hidden gems in Italy

Perched on the top of a hill on the Amalfi Coast, the town of Ravello is known for its vibrant cultural scene, medieval streets, and unique natural beauty. Admire the splendid beauty of the Ravello Cathedral and its museum with beautiful works of 13th-century art.

Wander across the serene gardens of Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo with jaw-dropping views of its heritage coastline. Relax in the main square of Piazza Vescovado, attend a musical concert on the terrace, hike the coast or enjoy fresh Italian delicacies, Ravello makes for an unforgettable affair with Italian culture. Once here definitely explore the rest of the amazing Amalfi Coast, I took one of the tailor-made Italy tours by Firebird and would definitely recommend. 

Lake Maggiore – Italy’s second-largest lake with sweeping viewsLake Maggiore Italy

One of the largest pre-Alpine lakes, Lake Maggiore shares its borders with the Ticino region of Switzerland. Take a tour of the Borromean Islands of Isola Bella and Isola Madre with opulent state apartment with artificial caves, sumptuous furnishings and an Italian-style garden.

Stroll along with the medieval Borromeon castle Rocca d’Angera with beautiful 15th-century frescos and Doll Museum. Seep in the breathtaking views from the hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso, walk along with the lovely gardens of Villa Taranto or climb to the top of Sasso del Ferro for stunning views of the Alps, the lake makes for an idyllic Italian vacation.

Procida Island – a secret gem on the Bay of Naples

Procida - under-the-radar Italy

Noted as Italy’s Capital of Culture, the small island of Procida is nestled between Cape Miseno and the island of Ischia. Savor the Italian authenticity with its scenic landscape, pastel-colored houses, winding alleys, several beaches and rustic charm. Travel back in time at the Abbazia di San Michele, the most renowned church of South Italy with deep religious and cultural history.

Explore the fortified town of Casale Vascello with beautifully terraced houses of the 15th century. Moving further up the hill, the village of Terra Murata offers some of the most enjoyable views of the island.

Rapallo – a sublime under-the-radar town on the Italian Riviera coastlineRapallo - quiet resorts in Italy

A fascinating town in the province of Genoa, Rapallo has a relaxed seaside holiday vibe. The symbol of the town is the Rapallo Castle, a 16th-century fort sitting right on the waterfront. Known for its hilltop Sanctuary of Our Lady of Montallegro, a religious site with a sea view, Rapallo has a bustling historic center with a beautiful promenade, excellent beaches, and shops.

Visit the Basilica of St. Gervasius and Protasius with a unique dome and leaning bell tower. Nature lovers can hike, bike, or picnic on the Parco natural Regionale di Portofino or explore the coast by train. 

Calabria and Basilicata – Italy’s undiscovered and unspoiled south

Calabria - hidden gems in Italy

Basilicata - places to visit in Italy

An old Italy with quaint villages, incredible landscapes, turquoise coastline and Gothic churches, Calabria is bordered by Basilicata and nestled between the Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas. Some of the famous towns of Calabria include Stilo, Gerace, Crotone, Pentedatillo and Calabro Morano.

Some of the noted coastlines include the Violet Coast and the Coast of the Gods. Rich in cultural heritage, the town of Tropea has some of the cleanest white beaches and the medieval Benedictine Sanctuary nestled on the rock. The artistic towns of Scilla and Diamante are known for their imposing castle and enticing waters.

Cala Pulcino, Sicily – a peaceful paradise on Sicily’s southern coast

Cala Pulcino, Sicily

Away from the packed Rabbit Island, Cala Pulcino makes for a secluded beach wonderful view. The turquoise waters, sandy shores, rugged rock formations make for a soothing day on the beach with its Caribbean flavor.

Hike the beach, admire the canyons, wade through the coves and ravines, or relax on the white-sand shoreline, Cala Pulcino in Vallone della Forbice is a real gem of Lampedusa. Hike on or reach the beach by boat, Cala Pulcino offers clear waters to swim, snorkel and discover superb marine life.

Lido di Volano – a very unspoilt spot on the Po delta

Lido di Volano Italy

A beautiful seaside resort in the province of Ferrara, Lido di Volano is the topmost shore amongst the seven coastal resorts in the municipality of Comacchio. Located along the Adriatic Coast, Lido di Volano is known for its secluded beaches, pine forests, natural reserve & boardwalk.

Take a tour of the Po di Volano Nature Reserve, home to diverse fauna and flora including Pochard, Tufted Duck, egrets & many more. Explore the town with ancient houses dating back to the 15th century, birdwatch or enjoy the magical sunsets by the sea, this serene town has an abundance of untouched natural areas.

Cannara – a dreamy and quiet medieval town in the heart of Umbria Cannara, Perugia Italy

Nestled in the heart of Umbria along the bubbling Topino River, the quaint agricultural town of Cannara is a hidden gem of Italy. Take a tour of some of the iconic monuments including the Church of the Buona Morte and Church of San Biagio with preserved 13-century façade.

On the outskirts of the town is the Pian d’Arca Shrine, a place where Francis made his famous Sermon to the Birds, and the archaeological site of Collemancio with numerous artifacts of Roman municipium on display. Relish some of the finest Umbrian wines at the Di Filippo winery.

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