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The best destinations in France for travelling with a motorhome

Beautiful France has long been a popular holiday destination to all manner of people, from families looking for a fun, educational adventure, to couples looking for a romantic trip away. Visitors come here to immerse themselves in French culture, sample world-famous cuisine, take in the stunning scenery, visit art galleries and museums, and much more. All of these things, combined with long uncrowded roads, makes France the perfect destination for a motorhome holiday. If you’re planning on taking a motorhome holiday in France here’s where to add to your list…


Under the radar Paris

You can’t really mention holiday locations in France without mentioning Paris. While many people will be quick to say that they don’t think Paris is really a suitable location for a motorhome holiday, we beg to differ. There are a range of campsites on the outskirts of the city which are suitable for motorhomes, meaning you can set up camp and travel into the city as and when you please. Take a trip up the Eiffel Tower, marvel at world-famous artwork in the Louvre, or just relax with a coffee outside a bistro.



For history lovers young and old, Normandy is an absolute paradise. Situated in the northwest of France, Normandy is teeming with World War II history, having played host to the 1944 Invasion of Normandy. As well as being able to visit expansive beaches, visitors can take historical tours, visit an impressive selection of museums or take in some stunning cathedrals.



If you fancy venturing further south, why not check out the stunning city of Bordeaux? Visitors will have no shortage of cultural wonders to take in – the entire city of Bordeaux was Unesco-listed in 2007, making it the largest urban World Heritage Site. For those with a taste for the finer things in life, Bordeaux is home to some world-famous vineyards, meaning there will be plenty of amazing local wines to enjoy on a warm summer evening.


Top ten best European cities for travel snobs, Marseille on GlobalGrasshopper.com

Marseille is a gorgeous, vibrant city, and another popular destination for history buffs. Founded by Greek mariners as a trading post around 600BC, Marseille has grown to become France’s second-largest city. Buy some fresh-off-the-boat seafood at the famous Vieux Port, or take your bicycle for a spin along winding coastal roads, stopping to soak up the sun on one of the numerous sandy beaches.


Strasbourg on GlobalGrasshopper.com

Strasbourg holds a distinct position, set on a fine line between France and Germany, with plenty to keep holiday-goers entertained. Arguably the most famous site in Strasbourg is the incredible Notre-Dame cathedral, which was completed in 1439. The gothic architecture is known the world over, with gruesome gargoyles and an impressive 142m spire. If you’re looking for alternatives to gothic architecture, take a stroll down the old town’s winding alleys and spend some time appreciating the quaint half-timbered houses that line these streets.


Nice Beach

Nice is often referred to as Nice la Belle, which translates to Nice the Beautiful, and after a few days there it’s easy to see how it got such a name. Located on the southeast coast of France, Nice offers year-round sunshine and stunning views, and no shortage on culture – sample some of the best cuisine in France, check out the local nightlife or just while away your days sat in one of the many cafes watching the sunset.

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