Top 10 most beautiful beaches in Portugal

Top 10 of most beautiful beaches in Portugal

One of the best things about the beaches in Portugal is, unlike the beaches in Europe, tourism hasn’t destroyed them. The beaches are mostly clean and filled with people enjoying the natural beauty of the crystal clear waters. There are a lot of activities for travelers around these beaches which can let you indulge better. From my many visits to this fantastic part of Europe, here are my Top 10 of the best and most beautiful beaches in Portugal…

Praia da Rocha – a stunning and outstanding beach in Portugal and a holidaymaker’s favourite

Praia da Rocha - most beautiful beaches in Portugal

This is one of the most popular and best beaches in Portugal and every year thousands of local and international tourists come here to enjoy the beauty of the ocean. It is quite famous for the bizarre and dramatic limestone rock formations and a lot of tourists visit the beach especially to look at them. The nearest major town to this locality is Portimao which is just 3 KM north from the location and the closest airport is the Faro airport, which is approximately 70 km east from the beach.

From the airport, you can easily get taxies or buses to Praia da Rocha. The attractions near this place include sightseeing trips for aquatic life and limestone formations, water parks, etc.

Praia de Dona Ana – one of the most picturesque beaches of the Algarve and a classic Algarve cove

Praia de Dona Ana - One of the Top 10 beaches in Portugal

It is a small yet beautiful beach adorning Portugal’s coastline. It is also one of the most photographed beaches in the region due to its majestic beauty all around. It is located near the Portuguese city of Laos and this beach is easily approachable. One of the highlights of this beach is the availability of seashells in large numbers. Hence, if you like collecting seashells, this will be a great beach for you.

The nearby attractions include 2 more interesting beaches by the name of Ponta de Piedade and Praia De Camilo. You can go for snorkeling in the waters here as the water is crystal clear and even the beach is quite clean. To reach this beach, you will have to come via a total of 93 stairs. The cliff views from this beach are simply spectacular.

Praia do Creiro – a beautiful uncrowded beach with clear water and stunning surrounding mountains

Praia do Creiro - a pretty beach in Portugal

Counted among the best beaches in Portugal, this beach is a must-visit while you are in Portugal. Comparatively, this is a large beach than others in the vicinity. The beach is mostly famous due to its picturesque views, clear water, clean sand, and a great environment for having fun with the family. Nearby locations that you must visit while you are here include Portinho da Arrabida and Galapinhos beach. There are also several fishing towns which you must visit to see the local culture first hand and experience the people. While you are here, try to visit the Arrabida National park and see the Mediterranean natural beauty. Also, there are various ancient monasteries and hiking trails all around the locality to catch your attention.

Praia de Marinha and Benagil Caves – one of the most emblematic beaches of Portugal

Benagil Caves Portugal - a popular beach attraction in Portugal

Praia de Marinha - the best beaches in Portugal

The beach is located along the Atlantic Ocean, in the Caramujeira. It is located in close vicinity from the Carvalho beach and Praia de Benagil. This beach is usually quiet and as the sun sets, its beauty is multiplied. The clean blue ocean offers picturesque scenery added with lush greenery as well.

One of the most exciting activities that you can take up in this region is to go on a boat ride to the Benagil Caves to see the enchanting beauty of the landmark. The boat ride will show you around the place and will also make you see the most beautiful spots created by the caves and rock formations. The photos clicked here will capture an unforgettable memory for you to reminisce later.

Praia do Barranco, Portugal – a beautiful secluded beach a few kilometres along the Algarve coast

Praia do Barranco - a stunning beach on the Algarve coast

This is a small and secluded beach along the Algarve coast, located near Sagres. Due to being secluded, the beach is very clean and looks almost untouched by humans. In the western direction, the beach is covered by cliffs, which provides cover from the winds. The beach gives a relaxed & laid back vibe.

Unlike the other beaches all around Portugal that have calm and clear turquoise water, the water here is great for people who like to surf. There are not a lot of attractions in the area as it is relatively underdeveloped however a lot of local and international surfers can be spotted here sometimes. This beach is more of a surfer’s paradise.

Praia da Rocha Baixinha – a stunning long stretch of sand which has a Blue Flag status

Praia da Rocha Baixinha - a stunning beach in Portugal which has a Blue Flag status

Another beautiful beach from Portugal, this one is one of the most internationally loved beaches. From crazy EDM concerts to a subtle day on the beach, you will be able to find things to fall in love with ease. The beauty of the beach is mesmerizing plus you have a lot of activities to do.

The beach is situated near Albufeira and it is well connected with proper transportations and other amenities. There are a lot of things that you can do here, including taking a boat tour, wreck diving, adventure golf, etc. Apart from that, you can visit the Ocean Revival underwater park, which is one of the largest artificial reef structures. It was created by sinking 4 navy vessels after being decommissioned.

Praia do Baleal, Peniche – a sheltered Portuguese beach which is popular with surfers

Baleal Island - best beaches in Portugal

Located just 3 kilometers north of Peniche, this is another beautiful beach to be on your list. It is the westernmost part of Portugal and is separated from the mainland because of a tombolo. This beach has a very interesting past and it is often associated with whaling activities in the region in the past. There are a lot of sites that you can visit while traveling in the area like Igreja de Nossa Senhora dos Remédios, which is a religious worship place ever since an image of Mother Mary carved on a stone was seen here. If you like it, the waves on this beach are favorable for surfing.

Praia da Amália, Brejão, Alentejo – one of the best beaches in Portugal and the best kept secret of Alentejo

Praia da Amalia - the top beaches in Portugal

This is not a very famous beach and is a bit tough to access. It is located near Odemira and has a clean but very small coastline to be called the beach. Not a lot of activities are present here and you can get some private time here.  The view from the cliff atop is worth capturing in your memory.

It was formerly known as Praia da Brejao after a nearby village. As it is so secluded, the natural beauty of the area is unspoiled and unchanged since early times. During the high tide days, the beach is submerged in water and there is no way to access it. Although when the tides are low and the weather is great, you will be able to see a stretch of clean golden sand.

Nazare – a gorgeous beach and one of the most popular seaside resorts in the Silver Coast

Nazare - a gorgeous beach and one of the most popular seaside resorts in the Silver Coast

Over the past few years, more and more tourists have been flocking to this beautiful Portuguese beach. It is located near the city of Nazare, which is quite often used as the name for the beach. The beach is officially known as Praia do Norte which translates to the north beach.

One of the major reasons behind the popularity of this beach is the massive waves that are ideal for surfing. Every year surfers from around the world come here to enjoy the waves. Apart from surfing the giant waves, the beach is full of other activities like kayaking, Jet Ski rides, etc. due to being a tourist hotspot. Places like Praia da Barra and Maritime Museum Ilhavo are nearby and while you are at the beach, you should check these spots out as well.

Ponta da Ferraria – a pretty little known spot where a hot spring feeds a natural swimming pool right on the coast in the stunning Azores

Ponta da Ferraria - great beaches in Portugal

This is a natural hot water spring that is popular among tourists from all around the world. It is situated near the western point of the Sao Miguel islands and is not quite easily accessible. Reaching the exact hot water spring will be quite a hike and you will have to climb the ladder and cross-field of rocks.

It is better to come here when the tide is low so that you can thoroughly enjoy yourself. Portas da Cidade, Gruta Do Carvao, etc. are a few places nearby that you must visit after you are done with this place. You can swim and relax in the warm mineral-rich waters here better at the second low tide of the day. We also have a post on the most beautiful places to visit in the Azores.

The Top 10 best beaches to visit in Portugal was written by our guest blogger Umang Trivedi from TravelMax.


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