Top 20 Unspoilt Places to Visit in Corfu for travel snobs

Corfu is a magical island that is filled with cultures and histories. It was one of the hidden gems of the world; however, it has now become a hot spot for tourists. Exploring Corfu, Greece in the months of April to June and in between September and October would be a better choice as the roads would be somewhat empty and you will be able to find the privacy that you need.

The climate during these months is favourable and Corfu is filled with lush greenery. Not a fan of busy resorts? Here are some of the unspoilt, quiet and less touristy places to visit in Corfu…

1. Kalami Beach – a tranquil place where the Durrells White House is located

Kalami Beach Corfu

Kalami Beach Corfu

Yes, you guessed well. Kalami is the place where the Durrells lived from 1936 to 1939, in a house at the south end of the beach, called the white house.

Despite the publicity thought the place remained quiet and unspoiled, the pebble beach is dominated by two small fishing taverns in its north part and the white house at its south part.

The house is renovated and white, although it had another color during the Durrells era.

The lovely beach is busy during the day but not for long, also is visited by small boats making daily boat trips around the island. A nice peaceful spot. There are rooms for rent if you wish to spend some days on your holiday here.

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Kalami Beach Hotel Corfu

2. Liapades – a beautiful and quiet resort to stay in Corfu

Liapades Corfu

A small village on the west coast of Corfu, Liapades is a beautiful traditional Greek town. It is about 20kms from Corfu and has a great beach, which does not attract buses of tourists. You can either spend a peaceful day by relaxing on the sunbeds or shop in the nearby supermarkets.

There are several restaurants and snack bars that offer innumerable authentic Greek cuisines. You can even take a canoe on rent and explore the clear blue waters of Corfu. There are many small hidden Corfu beaches that can be reached only by canoe or motorboat in Liapades.

The entire area will give you a feel of an authentic Greek village. Visiting the small roads with very less traffic, lovely beaches, trails, and wonderful views of the island will be mesmerizing. The local people of Liapades will happily welcome you and make you feel comfortable at all times.

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3. Paleokastritsa – a pretty and quiet village in northwestern Corfu

Paleokastritsa - Unspoilt Corfu

Paleokastritsa Corfu

Close to Liapades village, Paleokastritsa is yet another calm place that would make your Corfu trip amazing. It is surrounded by rocks and mountains and is at a distance of about 25kms from Corfu town. Paleokastritsa beach is perfect for families and is an apt place for snorkelling and scuba diving.

Don’t forget to carry the best snorkelling gear you can find so that you can enjoy the clear blue waters completely. There are different kinds of snorkel gears available for sale, and among them, buying an entire gear set will save you a lot of money rather than purchasing each part individually.

You can also rent a canoe, pedal boat, or stand-up paddle, for exploring the beach and its surrounding areas. There are caves close to the beach, which can be reached by boat.

Moreover, you can even go to the secluded and breathtaking Paradise Beach by boat. As there are several rocks and caves nearby, they create a natural habitat for various fishes and reptiles.

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Paleokastritsa hotel Corfu

4. Rovinia Beach – a quiet beach surrounded by woodland and olive groves, accessible by boat or a hiking path

Rovinia Beach Corfu

Rovinia Beach Corfu

For many perhaps the most beautiful beach on the island. It lays on the west Corfu coast just a mile from the main resort of Palaiokastritsa, but it remained unspoiled because it is difficult to reach.

It can be reached via a small path with hundreds of steps, but mostly with a boat from the nearby Palaiokastritsa

The waters here are crystal clear, and when we say crystal we mean it, freezing. There is nothing on this pebble beach, only the beautiful scene and a cave on its south end, where usually there is a small boat used as a cantine that sells water, refreshments, and sandwiches for the swimmers.

Accommodation near Rovinia Beach – Villa Grecia

Villa near Rovinia Beach

5. Porto Timoni – an under-the-radar double beach near Afionas village

Porto Timoni Corfu

Porto Timoni Corfu

Porto Timoni is an exotic double beach in a thin strip of land that connects Corfu with a piece of land that would otherwise be an island.
It is located at the northwestern tip of the island, a few kilometers north of Paleokastritsa.

The beach is visited only by people determined to discover the most mysterious parts of the island. This is because the beach is very difficult to access.

You have to go down the ravines of the settlement of Afionas which is located at an altitude of 130 meters or reach it by boat from the port of Agios Georgios. The beach is unique in Greece, beautiful and is identified with two myths.

One says that here was the prehistoric city of Phaeacians and the other that Odysseus met Nafsika here.

6. Kouloura – a small and unspoilt pretty fishing village

Kouloura Corfu - quiet spots

Kouloura Beach Corfu

This is a very unspoiled and picturesque place to visit in Corfu. 

The little settlement at Sinies area on northeast Corfu looks like a paint, with very few houses, and a cycle port where fishermen moor their boats. No nightlife, no hassle, but some rooms to rent are available.

Visit it, you won’t regret it!

7. Arkoudilas Beach – one of the quietest beaches in Corfu

Arkoudila Beach - unspoilt places Corfu

On the southern tip of the island, a deserted place that once up in the hills above the beach was populated. Today the area is abandoned and the huge sandy beach beneath is used only by some locals.

But most of the time is almost empty. It’s a magical place with very dense vegetation up in the rocks and fine golden sand and clear waters on the coast. There is nothing on the beach, no sunbeds, no bars or restaurants, only nature and the rocks that surround the beach.

8. The Island of Vido – a very quiet wooded island is located in the bay opposite Corfu Town

Island of Vido Corfu

Vido Island Corfu

A tiny island, only 540 acres big, opposite the port of Corfu town. This full of trees small paradise is a holy island to Serbs as there is a Serbian war cemetery there, containing the bodies of 1st World War soldiers.

The island has no roads, only trails, a restaurant, and a bar. Here there is a pleasant beach very popular among the locals. Camps for children and young people, and the historic restored church of Saint Stefanos.

The name of the island is not Vidos but “the island of Vido”. Takes its name from a former owner called Guido Malipieri, Guido paraphrased to Vido.

The island is easily visited with a boat from the town’s port.

9. Akra Drastis in Arillas Agiou Georgiou – a gorgeous beauty spot in Corfu

Akra Drastis Corfu

Explore the many unspoilt beaches in Arillas Agiou Georgiou. Some have scenic cliffs near the beach area like Akra Drastis. 

Akra Drastis is located in the northwestern area of Corfu Island. While you can swim at the cape, there are smaller beaches nearby the area to dive into the water from one of the cliffs. 

The clear blue waters allow sea animal enthusiasts to explore underwater by snorkeling. Enjoy looking for sea stars, sea urchins, and seashells on the shoreline. 

Book your stay at the Marina Hotel which is nearby one of Corfu’s delightful beaches. You can swim at the hotel pool or at the beach where the possibilities of a water adventure are endless. 

10. Paralia Acharavi – a romantic beach in a beautiful, green bay on the northeastern coast

Paralia Acharavi Beach

Paralia Acharavi offers clear crystal waters for a great swim. Float on a raft or swim by the shoreline. 

You will see mostly stones surrounding the area until you arrive at the beach area where it is mostly sand. Enjoy views of the Albanian mountains during your visit to Paralia Acharavi.

When you have finished your beach day, grab a bite at Woody’s for a British, European, and Greek twist on popular dishes including tzatziki, vegetable meze, and stifado. 

Access the beach directly by booking your stay at the Almyros beach hotel. Hence, you will be a few steps away from beach paradise every day you are on Corfu Island. 

11. Roda Beach – a private and quiet beach on the island

Roda Beach Corfu

Roda Beach is home to one of the best sandy beaches in Corfu. Walk the soft sand and take a dip in the clear blue water. The waters are shallow which makes the beach great for families that have little ones. 

During your adventures, watch for seagrass in the water that may affect your swim experience. Enjoy scuba diving and other water sports at Roda Beach. 

The area is bustling between May through October when locals and tourists gather to enjoy the local cosmopolitan village. Nearby the beach are bustling bars, restaurants, and other local shops. 

Access this lovely beach by booking your stay at Robolla Beach Hotel to be nearby. Stay in one of their local fully furnished apartments and indulge in their on-site restaurant. 

12. Barbati Beach –  a relaxed beach popular with couples and families in a sheltered bay

Barbati Beach Corfu

Navigate to this beautiful pebble beach with clear blue waters when you visit Barbati. It stretches 1 km along the northeastern coast.

Enjoy scuba diving, jet-skiing, or boating trips on the water contingent on the weather forecast and reservation availability.

Grab a drink at the local beach bar Verde Blu Bar to sit back and relax. Rent one of the fixed beds or set up your mats and umbrellas in the open area. 

We suggest staying at the Golden Mare Resort to be nearby Barbati Beach. Enjoy the scenic views of the Pantokratoras mountain during your stay. 

13. Stavros – a pretty mountain village which makes a very tranquil place to stay in Corfu

Stavros Corfu

One example only of the 100 plus villages in the interior of the island, most of them is unspoiled. Stavros is a mountain traditional village at an altitude of 400 meters, almost in the center of the island, without any tourist development. The life here flows slowly, and according to Greek manners and customs.

In addition to the houses of the locals, There are also some houses for rent to guests. There are a traditional Greek cafe and a restaurant. We choose this because from here you have fantastic views of the whole of central and southern Corfu. A really awesome experience.

But also, because it is above Benitses, one of the island’s busier resorts, which can be seen from distance. There are paths on the mountain slops that connect the two so different villages.

If you are passionate about hiking a walk from Stavros to Benitses and vice versa can be very entertaining, there are hidden buildings and small churches worth seeing inside the lush vegetation, very close to the aqueduct of Corfu.

14. Boukari – a picturesque fishing village which makes a quiet and peaceful Corfu resort away from the crowds

Boukari - unspoilt resorts in Corfu

Following the coast road from Messonghi after 3 miles you find the settlement of Boukari.

In the heart of this hamlet, there is a small pier where some fishing boat moor and on the other side there are two restaurants. The scene remains almost unchanged for the last 50 years.

These restaurants are small fish tavernas, where the specialty is, what else, fresh fish of the day, fished right on this golf, and if you are lucky you might spot a dolphin out at sea.

It is not a resort with nightlife, but rather one where the visitor can totally relax, become one with the environment.

Of course, during the last years, there are many more tavernas around with the same menu, fresh fish. People are encouraged to go and choose their fish from the kitchen, which will then be cooked for them! Near the beach and the restaurants, there are apartments and studios for holidaymakers to stay in.

15. Halikounas, Issos, and the Lagoon of Korision – a Corfu beauty spot perfect for an idyllic retreat

Halikounas - quiet places Corfu

This is the most deserted part of the island where the sand is almost everywhere, but don’t worry, you are not lost in Africa!

The place lays on the southwest coast of Corfu, near the villages of Agios Mattheos and Chlomos. It consists of a huge endless sandy beach with the north part to be Chalikounas and the South Issos, the beach is more than 10 miles long.

Between the beach and the island’s interior, we have the lagoon of Korission, a naturally NATURA protected wetland, free of any kind of tourist activity.

The only buildings in the area are some ground floor fishing houses used by local fishermen, they are located where the lake communicates with the sea, this spot is called “the mouth”.

In the rest of the beach, there is only a bar that is opened during the day and belongs to the municipality, and very few sunbeds only in some spots.

The place is ideal for lovers of sailing and windsurfing, as the winds here are always blowing. Here someone gets the real feeling of freedom!

16. The city of Lefkimi – a charming and quiet traditional town set among olive trees and vineyards

Lefkimi - quiet place in Corfu

This is the only town on the island after Kerkyra, a smaller town unspoiled by tourism. There are many things to see here, in a more quiet and relaxed scene.

The town is built around the homonymous river and always looked at as the poor relative of Kerkyra, used to be undeveloped and with poor infrastructure, with damaged roads, and a sense of misery in the atmosphere.

But all changed after 1980, and today Lefkimi is a modern town with any kind of shops, new roads, and a cosmopolitan feel, although there are some parts reminiscent of the village of 1970.

In Lefkimi you will find modern buildings, shops, and cafes as well as old type Kafeneion and grocery shops. There are several churches of interest here, including an Italianate one that dominates the upper town.

A well-signposted road leads to the small harbor of Alikes (saltpans), where until recently horses toiled bringing the salt from the salt flats here to be processed.

Lefkimmi has a large port, near the estuary of the river, it is the second larger port of operation in Corfu. From here there is a daily ferry service to the port of Igoumenitsa on the opposite mainland coast, the distance is a bit smaller as well as the cost, this may be of interest for those who want to travel cheaper.

17. Nymfes – an ancient village in North Corfu

Nymfes - unspoilt Corfu

An ancient village of North Corfu, untouched by time and tourism. The Nymfes as a village appears in official documents for the first time in 1347 under the name Nifes.

It is built at an altitude of 200 meters and has about 800 inhabitants. In ancient times the area was called Mermaid-village or the village of the Nymphs.

They say that once upon a time, many good fairies lived in the waters here and they are probably right, this explains the fairytale beauty and the origin of the village’s name.

What makes the area interesting are the waterfalls, there are more waterfalls in Corfu but these here are the largest and most impressive.

In Nymfes, among others, happen one of the most characteristic folklore events of the island, the unusual “Dance of the Priests” as it is called.
This custom takes place on the Sunday of Tyrophagus in the church of Agios Konstantinos.

Towards the end of the 19th century, there were 21 watermills in the area. Today we can still see the ruins of some of them outside the village. The vegetation and the waterfalls are simply unbelievable!

18. Petriti – a charming village of Petriti idyllically located on the eastern coast of Corfu

Petriti is a small village that is close to Lefkimmi and is located on the eastern coast of Corfu.

Tourists do not prefer spending more than a couple of hours in Petriti as it is a bit far from the main town and is a small fishing village.

So, if you want to stay in an area that is away from the crowds then Petriti would be an apt place for you.

Here, you can spend time watching the colourful boats come and go, while enjoying a glass of local wine in the lap of nature. There is a small beach where you can relax on the sunbeds that are available for a price.

You can even explore the nearby beaches like Halikounas Beach and Agios Georgios Beach, which is about half an hour away. The excellent restaurants and bars near Petriti beach offer several seafood delicacies, which should be tried as all of the dishes are a fresh catch.

19. The Erimitis Area – a completely virgin ecosystem located in the north-eastern part of Corfu

Erimitis - places to visit in Corfu

Erimitis is the northeastern tip of Corfu island, across Albania.

A totally pristine and unspoiled place without any building and full of beautiful small coves-beaches, they all consist of pebbles and characterized by the clearest waters of the island.

It is a big area, as due to many coves and capes the seaside is very long, it also has some small lakes behind the beaches that give a wild beauty to the area. It is accessible from the south near the San Stefano area and from the north from Kassiopi.

Away from the coast, the vegetation is lush and you can walk only on some narrow paths.

20. Perithia – an abandoned medieval village that is being reborn

Perithia Corfu

This is a unique and unspoilt place in Corfu. Peritheea was an old medieval village on a mountain plateau of the highest mountain Pantokrator at the north Corfu.

It was built there so couldn’t be detected by the pirates of the middle ages, and thrived. A rich village as the old house’s remains reveal.

But after the 19th century, the pirate’s thread ceased, and the life for the residents was hash, so slowly the locals fleet away to find better living, and finally, the village was abandoned.

Now there are only the remains of a glorious past, with old mansions without roofs and heavily damaged, with some stony small roads crossing between houses and ruins. But, today something is changing.

The descendants of the old owners started to rebuild and repair the houses, the abandoned village is going to live again.

There are some houses repaired and two restaurants already operate offering traditional recipes, and also cafe shops are open. The village is visited by many locals, especially on weekends, and life is back in this old village under to majestic top of Pantokrator.

Places to stay are not missing too. If you are in Corfu don’t miss visiting this reborn village, it will be a very pleasant experience! 

So, visit these unspoilt places in Corfu, Greece and fall in love with its amazing beaches, marvellous sites, and historical architecture. By escaping the masses, you will be able to enjoy Corfu in a better way. Have fun!

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