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Joshua Tree on GlobalGrasshopper.com

US Travel: How long is my ESTA valid?

The U.S. is a vast and beautiful country. It is 3.8 million square miles and offers everything to a traveler no matter what he or she is looking for. From the glitz and glam of Vegas, the beautiful cityscape of New York, to stunning mountains, deserts, and forests, America has it all. With this in mind, let’s look…

The most beautiful places to visit in Arkansas

Top 15 of the most beautiful places to visit in Arkansas

The southern state located near the Mississippi River and populated with an eclectic mix of people, Arkansas possesses an understated beauty that’s not usually shouted about but offers some truly wonderful landscapes. The natural scenery here is made up of deep forests crisscrossed with empty roads, granite outcrops, hot springs, deep caverns, quickly flowing rivers,…