Top 20 Best Places to Visit in February in the USA (2023)

There are many benefits of taking a trip in February in the USA, fewer crowds, better deals, and very atmospheric scenery sometimes verging into the truly spectacular. You have a few choices if you want to take a beautiful winter US break either embrace the cold and have as much fun as you can in the snowy landscapes or head to states where you’re guaranteed warmer weather. Here are our best places to visit in February in the USA…

1. Big Sky, Montana – one of the best US winter destinations for outdoor lovers

Big Sky Montana in the winter

Big Sky, Montana winter skiing break

Big Sky, Montana is the perfect US winter destination with the amazing levels of snowfall it receives and the abundance of winter activities it offers.

February is a good time to visit Big Sky because snow levels provide great slopes for skiing and snowboarding. Winter activities include sledding, snowmobiling, snow-go bike rides, ice-trekking, and cross-country skiing.

For those less adventurous, the après ski scene is extremely happening and well worth a visit. Big Sky is truly the perfect winter destination! Other activities include nature zip lines, hikes, and escape rooms, and visiting the famous Yellowstone National Park.

  • Average temperatures in Big Sky Montana in February is around 2 to -13 degrees

2. New Orleans, Louisiana – offers fun and partying in a great weekend getaway in February

New Orleans - best places to visit in February in the USA

New Orleans February Break

The best time to visit New Orleans is from February to May when the weather is comfortably cool and the celebrations are in full swing. February in New Orleans is host to a number of events, celebrations, and holidays.

The famous festival of Mardi Gras typically falls during the month of February and partaking in the celebrations and parades is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Other festivals in Crescent City are the Vietnamese New Year that features traditional Vietnamese food, performances, music, and activities; Valentine’s Day that is celebrated by lovers across the country; and Black History Month that honors African American history.

Nicknamed the “Big Easy,” New Orleans is known for its vibrant nightlife and live-music scene, and spicy, singular cuisine that comes from its history of French, African and American cultures. Some interesting sights include the French Quarter, Garden District, and the National WWII Museum.

  • Average temperatures in New Orleans in February is around 19 degrees

3. Mendocino, Northern California – a gorgeous coastal destination to explore in February

Beautiful Mendocino USA

Mendocino winter break

With sunshine and scenic views all year round, the Mendocino Coast is a beautiful destination at any time of the year.

February is the ideal time to visit for those looking to get away from the cold snowy winters and bask in the warm sun and fresh ocean breeze. Temperatures usually range from low 40s to high 70s.

Both visitors and locals alike are enchanted by the picturesque landscape, which features stunning shorelines, magical sea caves, cliffside trails, and breathtaking beaches.

This coastal city offers lots of land and sea adventure activities and is home to the Mendocino Headlands State Park and Museum, Mendocino Art Center, Russian Gulch State Park, and the 1909 Point Cabrillo Light Station.

  • Average temperatures in Mendocino in February is around 12 degrees

4. San Antonio, Texas – one of the best places to visit in the USA in February

San Antonio River Walk

San Antonio Texas winter getaway

Situated in south-central Texas, the city of San Antonio is known for its rich colonial heritage. Sights to visit include the Alamo, an 18th-century Spanish mission preserved as a Museum, the San Antonio River, and the miles-long River Walk. The promenade is filled with cafes, restaurants, and shops.

Because of its historical importance to the state and its family-friendly theme parks, San Antonio attracts tons of families with kids during the summer break.

However, Texan summer is almost unbearable with high humidity and temperatures exceeding 90F. The lesser crowds and pleasant weather make February a far better time to visit this incredible destination.

  • Average temperatures in San Antonio, Texas in February is around 20 degrees

5. Death Valley, California – February is a much safer time to visit this famous National Park

Death Valley with Moon

Death Valley Salt Flats

At the edge of the Great Basin Desert is a desert valley located in Eastern California. Known to be one of the hottest places on Earth, Death Valley is often compared with deserts in the Middle East and the Sahara.

As one of the hottest, driest, and lowest national parks and places in the world, Death Valley has unbearably blistering summer temperatures. Therefore, winter with one of the months February is the best time to visit. Temperatures in this month are still a very warm 23 degrees in February.

The national park in the valley is known for its unique wildlife such as desert bighorn sheep, lizards, and the tiny pupfish, which live in pools saltier than seawater. The valley offers breathtaking views by day and stargazing across this mesmerizing landscape by night.

  • Average temperatures in Death Valley, California in February is around 23 degrees

6. Palm Springs, California – one of the warmest vacation spots in February

The most romantic places to stay in Palm Springs

Palm Springs Vacation

The perfect place to escape winter, Palm Springs, California is easily one of the best places to visit in February in the USA.

Located 100 miles east of Los Angeles in the Coachella Valley region of the Sonoran Desert, the popular resort city is known for its clear blue skies, soft sunshine, natural hot springs, and luxurious amenities.

With opulent hotels, fine dining restaurants, world-class golf courses, and amazing weather, it is no surprise that Palm Desert is a winter favorite pick, especially amongst celebrities!

Summertime can get extremely hot. February is a great time to visit because temperatures are not too hot, at around 80F, making it ideal for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, sunbathing, and spa pampering.

  • Average temperatures in Palm Springs, California in February is around 24 degrees

7. Vail Ski Resort, Colorado – for some of the best skiing in February in the USA

Vail Ski Resort in the winter USA

Vail Ski Resort USA

Located near the town of Vail in Eagle County, Vail Ski Resort is a spectacular ski resort known for its quality of snow and slopes. Vail’s varied landscape offers over 5000 acres of skiable area.

Besides skiing and winter sports opportunities, Vail offers pristine conditions with the perfect combination of over 300 days of sunshine and over 370 inches of snow each year.

With plenty of fresh powder and tons of accessible terrain, February is prime time to visit Colorado and especially the ski resort of Vail.

Besides on-slope action, Vail offers gourmet restaurants, local pubs, high-class entertainment, shopping, and a lively après scene. The lovely Vail Village, designed with cobblestone streets and alpine-inspired architecture, is sure to charm any visitor! Easily one of the best places to visit in February in the USA! 

  • Average temperatures in Vail Ski Resort, Colorado in February is around -4 to -18 degrees

8. The Keys, Florida – a beautiful and warm winter vacation destination in February

Florida Keys - world's best sunsets

Florida Keys Scenic Highway

The tropical islands of Florida Keys are situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, approximately 100 miles south of the state of Florida.

These fabulous islands are known for their relaxing atmosphere, seaside sunshine, gorgeous scenery. There are plenty of activities like boating, kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

Other attractions include art galleries, local boutiques, and fresh seafood. The southernmost city of Key West is famous for its bustling bars, Mallory Square’s nightly Sunset Celebration, and the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum.

February is a great time to visit with winter crowds tapering off, hotel prices becoming reasonable and the weather conditions being optimal 70s and 80s.

  • Average temperatures in The Keys, Florida in February is around 24 degrees

9. Leavenworth, Washington – a snowy US winter destination with plenty of charm and gorgeous scenery

Leavenworth in the winter

Leavenworth winter resort

Tucked in the Cascade Mountains of Washington, 100 miles east of Seattle, is Leavenworth.

This charming U.S. town has full-on Bavarian vibes from architecture, and street names, to seasonal festivals and tourist attractions. February in Leavenworth is full of fun activities like wine tasting, snowmobiling, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, sledding, live music events, and other typical winter activities.

With beautiful architecture, cozy cafes, and gourmet restaurants, Leavenworth is the perfect winter escape that takes you right to the heart of Europe. 

  • Average temperatures in Leavenworth, Washington in February is around 6 to -5 degrees

10. Hot Springs, North Carolina – for a great alternative February break

Hot Springs, North Carolina

Nestled in the mountains of Western North Carolina, along the banks of Spring Creek and the French Broad River, Hot Springs is a town rich in history and culture.

Only a short distance from Asheville, this charming town is the intersection along the historic Appalachian Trail. Surrounded by the Pisgah National Forest, Hot Springs is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts.

It offers various hiking paths, white water rafting, mountain biking, or a visit to Rich Mountain Lookout Tower.

However, as the name suggests, Hot Spring is best known for its hot mineral springs. Though the hot mineral springs are open year-round, the experience of soaking in hot water at temperatures of 102F in cold climates is truly unique (and often preferred).

It is the perfect February destination for anyone interested in outdoor adventure, healing, and relaxation, or even a romantic getaway.

  • Average temperatures in Hot Springs, North Carolina in February is around 11 degrees

11. Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada – pleasant temperatures and incredible scenery

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

Valley of Fire Scenic Drive

Valley of Fire State Park is known for its 40,000 acres of bright red Aztec sandstone outcrops that are tucked in gray and tan limestone. Key natural attractions include the Rainbow Vista, Pink Canyon, Fire Wave, White Domes, Seven Sisters, Fire Cave, and Beehives Cave.

This historic park houses ancient, petrified trees and petroglyphs that date back more than 2,000 years. A walk through this park is truly like walking through history.

Summers in the Nevada region can be extremely hot and harsh, making autumn and winter recommended times to visit. Here you can go hiking, trekking, or just exploring the incredible scenery at the Valley of Fire State Park.

  • Average temperatures in Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada in February is around 18 degrees

12. Alta, Utah – one of the best US winter destinations to explore in February

Alta, Utah - best places to visit in the USA

Alta, Utah ski resort USA

Located in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah in Salt Lake County, Alta is an amazing ski area, known for its wide array of slopes.

Alta averages 550 inches of snow each year and its soft snow slopes offer incredible skiing opportunities for every level of skier. Alta is popular for its stunning snow-covered scenery and fresh powder snow terrain.

Alta is best visited in the peak winter month of February when they have received plenty of snowfall, and the snow is soft and powdery.

  • Average temperatures in Alta, Utah in February is around 0 to -10 degrees

13. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming – the park takes on a different kind of beauty in February

Yellowstone National Park in the winter

Yellowstone National Park winter

One of the most celebrated national parks in the US, Yellowstone is known for its picturesque natural beauty and exceptionally diverse wildlife.

Though summers are most popular, winter offers a unique experience and pristine views of white frosted trees. Skis, snowshoes, snow coaches, and snowmobiles are the main modes of transportation as roads close, rivers and lakes freeze, and winter storms blanket the park with fluffy, white snow.

Outdoor activity options are endless. Yellowstone offers miles of trails that lead past frosty woods, steaming hot springs, and snow-covered meadows and that can be explored on skis or snowshoe.

February is a good time to visit the national park because of the idyllic scenery, thinning crowds, and better chances of spotting iconic animals that tend to move to lower elevations in cooler temperatures.

In cooler climates, Yellowstone bears and wolves can often be spotted from the road, as they forage for food in preparation for hibernation. At Mammoth Hot Springs, you can easily spot bull elks and bison covered in snow.

Views of the steam from the geyser contrast against the snow and the blue skies are mesmerizing. Yellowstone’s winter white landscape is truly heavenly.

In February, Yellowstone becomes a quiet haven, where you can truly escape, reconnect with nature, relax and renew body and spirit.

  • Average temperatures in Yellowstone National Park in February is around 0 to -15 degrees

14. Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona – a February break with fewer crowds and more pleasant temperatures

Petrified Forest National Park USA

Petrified Forest National Park

Petrified Forest National Park, in northeastern Arizona, is home to the beautiful world-renowned Rainbow Forest. The Rainbow Forest is filled with colorful petrified wood and logs and offers stunning views.

The Rainbow Forest Museum displays exquisite paleontology exhibits, petroglyphs of Newspaper Rock, and the ruined village of Puerco Pueblo.

The park also contains the 1930s Painted Desert Inn, a museum with Hopi murals. There are various hiking and trekking trails, on which you can find fossils, wildlife, and wildflowers.

February in the Petrified Forest National is definitely calming, and serene beauty makes it worth visiting even in the winter/February.

  • Average temperatures in Petrified Forest National Park in February is around 13 degrees

15. Kirkwood, California – receives one of the highest snowfalls in the world so a great spot to vacation in February

Kirkwood, California February

Kirkwood California winter resort

Kirkwood Resort is a wonderful ski resort that receives one of the highest snowfalls in the world. It offers an extensive selection of terrain and several winter sports at affordable prices.

February is the perfect time to enjoy Kirkwood and its snow-covered surroundings. Kirkwood combines the conveniences of a destination resort with the laid-back atmosphere of a day hill. The quaint village is home to a handful of eateries, bars, and other shops.

  • Average temperatures in Kirkwood, California in February is around 5 to -7 degrees

16. San Diego, California – for a beautiful and warm (and cheaper!) February city break

San Diego in the winter

San Diego Break

San Diego is an excellent destination to visit in February because it offers a great escape from cold dreary weather. San Diego offers a lot more than just pleasant temperatures and clear skies in the winter.

It is known for its sandy beaches, ocean-side activities, and family-friendly parks. You can choose from various activities such as sunbathing, surfing, kayaking, bodyboarding.

San Diego offers almost picture-perfect year-round weather with sunshine and soft ocean winds. Average winter temperatures range from the mid-60s to 70s Fahrenheit making it ideal for more than seaside activities.

It also boasts 70 miles of pristine sand along its stunningly beautiful coastline, laden with cypress trees.

Other sights include the Immense Balboa Park, Japanese Botanical Gardens, Old Town San Diego, art galleries, museums, and gardens. With its rich cultural heritage and magnificent Pacific Ocean views, San Diego is one of “America’s Finest City” and winter destinations.

  • Average temperatures in San Diego in February is around 19 degrees

17. Magic Mountain ski resort, Vermont – a fun winter’s paradise

Magic Mountain in Vermont

Located in Southern Vermont in New England is Magic Mountain is a ski resort on Glebe Mountain that features a 1,500-foot vertical drop.

This true skiing treasure is known for its steep narrow trails, glade skiing, and of course its affordable prices. The no-frills experience keeps the focus on the riding and the prices low. Hiking is another popular activity in this scenic region.

With uncrowded slopes and fresh snow tracks that often last days, locals know Magic is the place to ski. The region is scenic with gorgeous views of the Green Mountains. And when it snows, Magic simply looks magical.

  • Average temperatures in Magic Mountain ski resort, Vermont in February is around -1 to -14 degrees

18. Providence Canyon, Georgia – explore wonderful scenery with fewer crowds

Providence canyon Georgia

Providence Canyon, a 1,000-acre Georgia state park, is often referred to as “Little Grand Canyon”. It is considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Georgia.

The park is below sea level with 16 different canyons, exposing 43 different shades of soil ranging from light orange, salmon, and red to white, purple, and pink.

These magnificent colors make this one of the most beautiful and breathtaking hikes in Georgia. The trails along the canyon offer striking views and make a great place to view a glorious sunset.

Nearby attractions include Amicalola Falls and Tullulah Gorge. Winter is a lovely time to witness the fascinating Providence Canyon State Outdoor Recreation Area, in the absence of hardwood foliage and vegetation.

  • Average temperatures in Providence Canyon, Georgia in February is around 17 degrees

19. St Augustine, Florida – makes a charming and warm February destination

St Augustine - best places to visit in the USA

St Augustine, Florida Beach

Known for its marvelous beaches, St. Augustine is an amazing destination all year round. Winter is especially a great time because while the rest of the country is dealing with harsh cold temperatures and snow, St. Augustine is reveling in the sun.

In February temperatures are pleasant, fluctuating between 40 to 70F, crowds are less, and you can often find many off-peak season deals.

Attractions include St. Augustine Fountain of Youth, the Spanish masonry fort of Castillo San Marcos National Monument, and St. Augustine’s Lighthouse and Maritime Museum.

The region has an interesting ghost tour, plenty of golf courses, and the remarkable San Sebastian Winery

  • Average temperatures in St Augustine, Florida in February is around 21 degrees

20. Table Rock State Park, South Carolina – perfect for nature and outdoor lovers or a great family vacation

Table Rock State Park, South Carolina

Table Rock State Park, South Carolina

At the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains in northern Pickens County is a 3000-acre park called Table Rock State Park. The park contains the Pinnacle Mountain, the tallest mountain in the state, and is known for its remarkable natural beauty.

The towering mountain serves as a beautiful backdrop for the park and its facilities. The park contains cabins, a campground, and an old-fashioned swimming hole on one of the park’s two lakes.

Pinnacle Lake and Lake Oolenoy are populated with diverse fish including bass, bream, and catfish. Activities include camping, swimming, boating, paddling, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, biking, and bird watching are offered in the park.

Table Rock is also an access point for the well-known Foothills Trail and Palmetto Trail. Table Rock State Park is a classic getaway for any looking to enjoy the cool winter air and natural outdoors. Enjoy! 

  • Average temperatures in Table Rock State Park, South Carolina in February is around 13 degrees

Frequently asked questions

1. Where should I go on vacation in US in February? 

The USA offers loads of great destinations to vacation in February. Big Sky in Montana is a great option for amazing levels of snowfall and an abundance of winter activities, New Orleans is best for partying at the Mardi Gras festival, Palm Springs is one of the warmest vacations spots in February or alternatively head to the Florida Keys for gorgeous beaches.

2. What is the best island in US to visit in February?

Some gorgeous island vacation destinations to visit in February in the USA include Marco Island in Florida a barrier island home to resort accommodation, beaches, marinas and golf courses, Maui in Hawaii which has 30 miles of stunning beaches and Hilton Head Island in South Carolina for Atlantic Ocean beaches, golf courses and a Lighthouse. 

3. Where is there sun in USA in February?

Some of the sunniest places to visit in the USA in February include Yuma and Phoenix in Arizona, Miami and the Florida Keys, Savannah in Georgia, San Antonio in Texas, Honolulu in Hawaii and Las Vegas, Nevada which averages around 79% of sunshine in February. 

4. Where is the cheapest place for Winter Sun?

If you’re looking for a cheap sunny vacation to take in the winter in the USA then Las Vegas in Nevada is a great option so is Miami in Florida, San Diego in California, Key West in Florida, Phoenix in Arizona or Gulf Shores in Alabama. 

5. Where to travel in US in February?

There are some great destinations to travel to in the USA in February, head for Alta in Utah for great snow fall and incredible skiing opportunities, St Augustine in Florida for a charming and warm February destination and Hot Springs in North Carolina for hot mineral springs which are open year-round. 

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