Most beautiful places to visit in India

Top 25 of the most beautiful places to visit in India

India is a huge, intriguing country rich in diversity, history and extremes. The country is still one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and attracts backpackers, culture and spiritual seekers or even those just searching for a good party. Love it or hate it, your trip to India is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable experiences of your life…

The most beautiful places to visit in Oklahoma

Top 17 of the most beautiful places to visit in Oklahoma

Home to tornadoes, part of Route 66, stetson adorned residents, a large collection of musicians, and acres upon acres of delectable farmland, Oklahoma is a unique and wonderful destination waiting to be discovered. The Southern State romanticized by Rodgers & Hammerstein in their first musical, Oklahoma!, is also home to some truly beautiful treasures, especially…


Beautiful places to visit in Africa

East Africa is one of the sub-regions of the African continent. It covers an area approximately equal to 5.9 million square kilometers. The region has 19 countries in total and a total population of more than 400,000,000. East Africa is known as the world of natural resources and has a great attraction for tourists, especially…