Barcelona - the mediterranean capital of cool

Top 5 reasons to rent a luxury car in Spain

Spain, a beautiful country in Europe, has diverse geography and cultures in its seventeen autonomous regions. The country’s economy is pivoted substantially to the tourism industry that is the third major contributor to the nation’s economy. Spain is a renowned destination for summer tourism and offers diverse activities that cover tourism, culture, sport, or just…

most beautiful places to visit in United Kingdom

25 of the most beautiful places to visit in the UK

A country of great diversity, the UK is home to some of the most interesting and beautiful landscapes in the world. Whether you are looking for romantic parks, wild and rugged wildernesses or an idyllic peaceful backwater, Great Britain seems to have it all. So If you are a native or just planning a trip, here are ten of the most beautiful places in the UK that you should really try to visit…

Travel news: U.S. air travel is recovering

Travel news: U.S. air travel is recovering

As the global pandemic is getting under control globally and the majority of countries started opening their borders after months of closure, the main question is whether we’ll be able to travel freely again. Depending on the desired destination, the situation will vary, but the good news is that air travel in the beautiful U.S.A…